Taking the “TIME” to look beyond. . .

Hello Folks!

I had one of those much-needed awesome days today and it all started when I noticed the moon while driving my first route this morning. I have learned, within my two weeks of doing this new route, that I must leave at exactly 6:15:00 am from downtown to beat the school bus that stops 10 times in front of me (including on US 52). For that reason, I am mostly focused on TIME at that early portion of my day. Today though, I turned into Blackbird Farms and noticed the moon and a star or planet upwards to the right of the moon (I am not up on my astronomy) and the contrast was brilliant! It wasn’t a black sky, but rather the deep blue you would find in a Crayola box. So I slowed down and just looked and took it all in. Then, I prayed at the stop light at Lindberg and 231 that the damn school bus wouldn’t get in front of me since I had slowed down. It all worked out. . .

Ten minutes later, I exited Wal-Mart, saw the school bus I am normally behind waiting at the light, and continued right on schedule! I did my thing picking up and dropping off people and then I got to Lambert Fieldhouse and I got a compliment! She commended my timeliness, as she had estimated 10 minutes later. She jumped off the bus and exclaimed to her friend, “It’s only 6:59!” and I had to smile. I was happy for the compliment, but I was truly blessed prior to ever receiving it! The only thing I really did was leave at 6:15:00 and get LUCKY that the school bus didn’t get in front of me after I slowed down to enjoy the beauty I was given.

After 6:59 am, my day just got better. Everyone was friendly, the lights were mostly green, my route went smoothly, and my time at work just flew by. It really was a great day! 🙂

Here’s my point: What if we all took those extra few moments of TIME and either enjoyed a moment of beauty or expressed gratitude to another? What if we did both? How would that change another person’s day, or even your own? I was LUCKY today. I had it ALL! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Taking the “TIME” to look beyond. . .

  1. Thanks DRIVERBON! I thought it might be a planet! It was very bright and obvious and seemingly “special” in its appearance. Don’t tell me this was one of those deals that only happens once in my lifetime. . .


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