Don’t Rush It. Let It Develop.

Hi Folks!

I was originally going to make this a Facebook post, but realized it was MUCH too long of a story! So I decided to revisit my much neglected blog. . .

First though, I would like to thank Nels for getting me caught up (albeit, briefly) today and also to everyone that might actually still read my stuff, since I have been absent other than on Facebook.

Okay, on to the crux of my most important topic! Sometimes it is necessary to create your own happiness!

Today was one of those days where “seemingly” nothing was going right. It started off on my first run by getting stuck behind a school bus. (I know this sounds funny, and I am aware of the duality, but it sucks being a bus stuck behind a bus, especially a SCHOOL bus!) So even after help getting caught up, I was still behind schedule nearly all day.

During this time, I had a young family with 3 little ones and a stroller. Here were my two main choices: I could sit there and worry about how much time this was taking for them to exit, or I could look around and also interact with the family. I chose the latter and noticed a lovely weed growing out of the sidewalk with pretty purple flowers. . .

So, I asked the oldest young boy (probably 3 or 4 years old) if he would pluck one of those flowers so I could put it behind my ear. He had a hard time and ended up presenting me the entire weed (roots, flowers, dirt and all), but his mom was laughing and it gave us something to do while dad was getting the stroller and baby off of the bus. Anyway, I got my flower behind my ear, the boy did something helpful, mom and dad were smiling, and guess what? I was still late. But the thing is, I wasn’t any later than I would have been anyway. It just worked better because everyone was HAPPY.

Fast-forward: So Nels has me caught up on my route and I hit class change-over at Purdue and end up 10+ minutes behind before I ever leave campus. This worsens as I have two stop lights where I have to wait for diverted I-65 traffic on 231. Thankfully, I have a beautiful flower behind my ear (minus the roots and dirt) to help me along the way). 🙂

FINALLY, I get out of Wal-Mart and start the second half of my trip. (by now, I am like 20 minutes behind.) But guess what? I end up seeing my most favorite professor and friend walking along Salisbury Street and he is near a bus stop where a gal is waiting. Again, I had two main choices: I could pick up my passenger and ignore my friend walking, or I could do this: I pulled a few feet past my friend, scared the crap out of him, and asked, “Are you wanting to ride the bus?” I motioned for the gal waiting, to come to me, and my friend said, “No. But I am NOW because it is you! I was going to walk!” (He likes to walk and contemplate things.) 🙂

So we had a wonderful chat and when we got to the outskirts of campus, he even skipped his normal “Circle K” stop (where he gets coffee). While we were on Russell Street, laughing about ourselves most of the way, he said, “Riding with you is worth missing my Circle K stop.” It made me feel good, and really our Russell Street conversation was the funniest and most memorable! I was also able to tell him how his advice of “Don’t rush it. Let it develop.” statement to me was so impactful!

After letting my friend off at Lilly Hall and concluding our time together, of course I pulled out and the light turned red. Doesn’t matter. That gave him the chance to cross in front of me and turn and wave!

It was a GOOD day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Don’t Rush It. Let It Develop.

  1. says:

    You are right. We do make our own happiness. You, though, made others happy as well! Good going. I’m back from my 2 1/2 week trip to California. It was wonderful. We’ll have to have lunch somewhere and I’ll tell you all about it!


  2. Nice post, Lisa…..and the message I received from reading this, your latest blog entry, is maintaining a good, positive attitude regardless of the seemingly negative circumstances. ‘Reminds me of something I heard some time ago, “It’s not so important that sometimes ‘bad’ things happen to us as it is how we handle those ‘bad’ things in terms of attitude”…..and, just to add ‘my two cents’ worth’, I think it is the true test of how mature a person is in how they handle disappointments (i.e. in our profession; I’ve seen some grown men act like spoiled, whining, little brats when they learn that they have to WAIT on the next available bus). Well….that’s all from me….’see ya around the millstone 🙂 !!!
    Take care, my friend,
    ~ Don.


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