Why “BEAUTIFUL” matters

Hi folks!

I had a most awesome day today and they seem to be piling up! It is a great feeling actually! Where to start my story is the problem, so I will just wing it!

I pulled into our bus hub and passengers boarded. Then a particular passenger boarded and said, “Hello Lisa.” I replied, “Hi! How are you today?” He said, “You don’t remember my name do you?” I said, “Yes. It is Julius, correct?” He said, “You do remember. I didn’t think you did.” I then went on with this explanation to Julius. . .

I told Julius that I never forgot his name, I just never used it because I was more interested in how he was and what he was doing and I was trying to save syllables and time. I then explained that it was the same reason that I never say, “Good afternoon” to people. It is too many syllables. I am completely fine with “Good morning”, but “Good afternoon” is too long. For that reason, I switch to “Hi” or “Hello” for passengers boarding in the afternoon. My eagerness to skip syllables actually made Julius think I had forgotten his name.

I think this also happened again with an awesome young gal I met at Purdue while driving the late Gold Loop. I had picked her up many times and we had chatted and she asked for my name. I told her and asked for hers. She told me and I asked how to spell it: Reema. Subsequent bus encounters had her calling me by name and me never saying her name in response. I KNEW it the whole time, I just wanted to know what was happening in her life more! Years went by and she was finally interviewing for jobs and I thought I would see her again before she left, but didn’t. LUCKILY, I knew her name (because I remembered, but never said it out loud) and found her on Facebook before she was gone. She is awesome! Hi Reema! I hope your new job is GREAT! ☺

During my exchange with Julius downtown, I looked out my door and saw an eagle. I then said, “Oh look! There is an eagle!” Julius thought it was a hawk, but I said it was an eagle and it works better when the sun is out so that you can see the white head and tail. Julius said that if I said it was eagle then he believed me. Guess what? The eagle flew down to where it could be seen easily. Yep! I yelled from my bus door, “Hi eagle!” and tried to get my co-workers to look up (but they were focused on their phones). My co-workers missed probably the closest encounter with a bald eagle ever, but Julius and my other passengers witnessed her! ☺

Folks, I am not going to try to explain any more about WHY I see eagles all of the time. I believe I have ONE that visits me all of the time. I see eagles because I look at the sky and I see MY eagle because we look each other in the eye. She visits me all of the time, but I don’t expect any of you to believe it. I do my best to point her out when she is around.

Last year, I named my eagle “Pride AND Joy”. I felt like she needed a first, middle, and last name because she was so special. Then, I gave her a nickname: “Beautiful”. From now on, I think I will say, “Hello Beautiful” (instead of “Hi eagle”) and not worry about the syllables. I think it works better. . .


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