Wildcat Creek Baptismal water explained!

Hi folks!

I hope you all are getting your holiday shopping done and being gracious to others while commuting thru the parking lots. It is NICE to let a bus turn and get into the stream of traffic. Even if you don’t want a “bus” in front of you, think about the 40 PEOPLE on the bus that would like to get somewhere. Merry Christmas everyone! ☺

I have had an interesting year and I wanted to explain part of it (even though it encompasses decades). Last week on 12/14/14 I got baptized. Not only did that miraculous event happen, but I also requested that Wildcat Creek water be used for my baptism and it turns out that this request was not only allowable, but also graciously accepted! ☺

One aspect struck me: No one asked me WHY I wanted Wildcat Creek water for my baptism. So now, I am going to tell you WHY it was important to me to use that water. . .

I was born into a beautiful family and we had the Bailey woods. This property was wondrous and had a gravel pit, hills and trees, wildlife, corn and bean fields, and the Wildcat Creek. I was fortunate enough to be born into a family that was gracious to each other and helped each other out when new family members arrived! I was one such new arrival and my parents lived next to my Grandparents in a red trailer! My main memory from the trailer was how much the barn cats loved me. (Nowadays, they are called feral cats.) There was one cat called Diablo (which I guess means “devil” and was named that because of her meanness, but she loved me.) I was the only one sad when she died (I think), but I thought for some reason to include her story! Weird, huh?

In the mean time, I lived next door to my Grandma and she watched me during the day. When we moved to Lafayette, I still spent a lot of time with my Grandma and she often took me in the woods to explore. There was one particular day that I remember where we walked the WHOLE woods and I named a couple of areas! Blueberry Hill was already named by previous generations, but I dubbed Long Hill and Snail Hill! Yes, “Long Hill” was long and “Snail Hill” is where I found snails! Simple, isn’t it?

Well, there was another day where Grandma and I ventured further and went to the Wildcat Creek. This was a long walk and WHY we didn’t always get there. This particular day when we got to the “island”, the frogs had just morphed out of their tadpoleness! There were mini-frogs EVERYWHERE! I remember this day like it was yesterday. Baby frogs were JUMPING everywhere! I was HAPPY!

There are countless other memories I have regarding the Wildcat Creek, one of which includes my Uncle Duck’s best friend Skinny breaking his ankle because of my encouragement to attempt ice-skating because it was “easy”. I don’t like to dwell on 40 year-old broken bones though. I just wanted to tell you the history of my family and WHY I wanted Wildcat Creek water for my Baptism.

I have GREAT memories of the Wildcat Creek and the Bailey woods and farm and my Grandpa J.C. taking me mushroom hunting and us coming upon a cow that had just had a baby and didn’t want us there and me fishing for minnows and having a deer walk up and me and the deer looking into each others’ eyes and neither of us knowing what to do but just sit and wonder. And that is what we both did, for quite awhile. . .


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