We have work to do, or at least I do. . .

Hi Folks!

I hope you all had a wonderful day! I did, as I got to see my Aunt and Uncle from Montana and had a wonderful lunch at Arni’s this afternoon! I had planned on going to University Bookstore after lunch, but got a text that there was a protest over there and traffic was all backed up and being detoured. Then it was pouring down rain, so I decided that I would just go home and save my shopping trip for Thursday when they have the % off sale based on the number of 3-pointers made from the previous Women’s or Men’s basketball game. I am all about the discounts! ☺

So last week, for some unknown reason, I decided to reread “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Today, I came home from my most awesome lunch and proceeded to read this novel. I napped off and on, but I generally enjoyed my day off and read about the struggles that Huck Finn had while also trying to match his thoughts with what he had been taught and how things did not add up. Today, I read about 100 pages. Then my dog wanted out and I eventually got on Facebook and saw a post from ABum. His post was about racism and introspection. . .

ABum’s post struck a chord in me because I had noticed the same things recently. His point was that people get so caught up in the news event and take sides, that they miss the essential element that we are ALL human beings and come from different places. We all have different experiences. . . He wanted people to explore their own thoughts and REALLY examine their true beliefs. I don’t know if that happened, but it did inspire this entry from me.

So now I am going to explain a revelation that I had several months ago. First of all though, I will give you a bit of background. Since I was a child, I have never understood why people base their opinions on other peoples’ race, clothing, status, or any other external factor. It never made sense to me. I have always thought that people were people and we should base our ideas on that. I defended what I could as a child and also grew up. I picked my battles and they became fewer. Sometimes it was because times had changed and other times it was because I was tired.

Several months ago, and I am not sure what prompted this discussion, I mentioned to Moon that it was inherently racist to say that Hispanics are “hard workers”. She asked what I meant by that and I explained that by saying, “If we say that Hispanics are hard workers, it is also saying something else.” Even though it is a POSITIVE attribute, it is still grouping people by race and ALSO putting down some “unnamed” group, without actually saying it. (Hispanics work hard, but others don’t???)

For me, it was a disturbing fact that I discovered about myself and a realization that I also have work to do. It was a GOOD revelation. I hope everyone will take a strong and personal look at what they BELIEVE and then figure out how to express it. Small steps make BIG changes. . .


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