Huck Finn and the power of friendship!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an interesting day, as I did in MANY ways. . .

I have my favorite route tomorrow, like two hours before the crack of dawn, so I will try to tell this AMAZING story quickly!

When I got home from work and all completely necessary obligations were fulfilled, I got on Facebook and my friend Blue had posted a pic and the point was: Books can take you anywhere! Here was my response. . .

“Ain’t that the truth! I decided a couple of days ago to reread “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and I am LOVING it! ☺”

Okay, let’s rewind briefly. One of my dearest friends has been hospitalized for over a month and has been going thru treatments to try and fix her. Phone calls to her have ranged from hope, to despair, to nearly nothing from her end. Different days, with treatments on different days, yielded VERY different results and the last few times were NOT good at all.

Guess what? Today was COMPLETELY different! My friend sounded like 90-95% and is hopeful that she can finally go home soon! On the phone with her: Night/Day since last time. She had treatments two days ago and today and feels wonderful! ☺

Since she was feeling great and ready to go home, we were able to discuss other things. So here is part of our discussion: I asked what she was doing with her time in the hospital. She said that she had called another friend and asked for some books to read. (Btw, she lives in another state, so that is why I could not take books to her that she would like.) Books were delivered to her and she was reading them. . .

Then I said that I had started reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” a couple of days ago. You want to know what my friend told me? Of course you do! She had ordered the very same book for her Nook right before her hospitalization. She was looking forward to reading it again. . .

Considering that I haven’t read the book in 30 years and decided to reread it is ONE thing. The fact that my friend ordered it before going to the hospital is quite another. I am HAPPY that I “decided” to read it again two days ago and she got better. Thank you God, I have my friend back! And “Thank You” Mark Twain! ☺


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