A Poet that doesn’t know it. . . Now you do! <3

Hi folks!

I was LUCKY today and got some overtime while also doing the Tower Acres route. WHY was I lucky? Well, because I got overtime, but also because I got to drive a delightful route with completely POLITE passengers that say both “Hello” and “Thank You”! I don’t care if it is just habit (and a nice habit to have), but it is completely NICE to get a response from MY perspective! Kudos to the Tower Acres students! I hope they will give their parents huge hugs for raising them to be such wonderful people! ☺

Well, I usually start with two wonderful things that happened during my day and then get to my point, but I have decided to change my usual style for today and do something a little different!

Here is what I REALLY wanted to discuss: Why people say, “You can’t fix stupid.” First of all, it is mean. Second of all, it is close-minded. Third of all, the premise is untrue. Fourth of all, it is a cop-out to not try to help people understand a problem,. Fifth of all, it is a way for people to feel superior by putting others down. Sixth of all, it is ineffective for any change. Congrats, peoples’ feelings were hurt and nothing was accomplished. Seriously, think about it. . .

Now, on to my second wonderful thing that happened today! After coming home to awesome leftovers in my fridge from Mom and chatting with her for a few and thanking her, I got online and saw that my dear friend Poet received a rose in a vase from a grateful bus passenger today. For those of you that do not know Poet personally, he is probably the most HONEST and TRUE person that I know. The fact that he received a gift from a Purdue student did not surprise me one bit! The Purdue students LOVE Poet!! I am HAPPY that this happened today! Thank you to the Purdue student that showed their appreciation to a most wonderful man! ☺

I think that sums up my thoughts for the day! I’ll get to lesser matters later!!


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