Dress Codes? Reconsider what you are actually aiming for. . .

Hello everyone! I had a completely awesome day today doing the Bronze Loop! I always forget to include this loop in my favorites. WHY? Because it is so awesome that I rarely get a chance to drive it! Thanks Amigo! I enjoyed my day and your wonderful passengers and also had a GREAT time at Beering Hall! I will explain briefly, then get to my topic!

Beering Hall is a “time point” for this route and I was early several times today. A “time point” is a place that we CANNOT leave more than 59 seconds early because it messes up the rest of the schedule. When we get to these time points early, then we must wait. It is the PERFECT opportunity to go to the bathroom and/or check your phone, make phone calls, get snacks, etc. You are early, so you HAVE to wait anyway. Luckily, there is a long pull-off and others can get around you.

It just so happens that I had a lot of classes in Beering Hall and I often times encounter people that I know while I am in there doing “my business”. “How are yous?” and candy exchanges happen and discussions happen over grabbing copies of the “Exponent” and “The Black Sheep” for passengers to read while they are riding and I am driving. Win/Win! I have to wait and the passengers get reading material!

Today was EXTRA special because when I was early on one occasion, I saw my favorite professor and friend G-7, sitting on a bench at the bus stop and waiting for the 1B Salisbury in his jeans, sweatshirt, and do-rag! AWESOME! Grabbed a Reese’s cup and followed my passengers up to where he was sitting! We had a brief two-minute catch-up session regarding his completely original NASCAR/Political Theory class and I got the times and classroom number so that I can “audit” the class sometime this semester. “Audit” means: Attend for FREE! ☺

This is the PERFECT segue to what I want to talk about: Clothes do NOT make a person. I had not seen G-7 for a couple of years and I decided to Google him. I discovered a YouTube video of him discussing Somalia in front of world leaders for 15 minutes in his do-rag. Folks, G-7 knows his shit! Furthermore, he can teach classes and also address world leaders dressed like he WANTS to. (He did have a groovy shirt and sport-coat on, but the do-rag was in place!)

Recently at work, we have some new uniform rules that will be instituted at some point in the near future. I actually LIKE the previous uniform options because they allow for some individuality regarding body type and comfort. The NEW rules are going to make some uncomfortable in their clothes and also eliminate most possibilities of individuality. WHY does this bother me?

Here is WHY. People that are not happy in the clothes they are wearing are LESS comfortable. Uncomfortable people are less likely to be friendly and open and helpful. How does this affect me? Co-workers bitch about rules and I sometimes agree (depending on which one) and then you have negativity before the day even starts. The other MAJOR problem with requiring that we all dress EXACTLY alike is the fact that we are INDIVIDUALS. We are what makes the company and also how the Purdue contract will be kept. If we are all dressed the same and our individuality is stripped, then how will a Purdue student or staff member differentiate between us and some new company? It is just another “uniform”.

I am going to take this one step further because of the U.S. Constitution protecting my Freedom of Speech! ☺ It does not matter WHAT a person wears in ANY job. It also doesn’t matter what a person is wearing when you meet them. Look at the person, not the clothes. Assholes are found everywhere and in every field. Get rid of the assholes and let the rest of us do our jobs and dress at least “comfortably”.

My final thoughts: If there is a problem with an employee and the way they dress or behave, then deal with that individual. It doesn’t work when employers change the rules for EVERYONE because of one or two people. When that happens, EVERYONE feels punished because of one or two people that were not addressed. What happens afterwards is a “tit-for-tat” regarding rules and those that should have been reprimanded to begin with, start tattling on others to remove their blame. If an employee is dressing improperly or treating people poorly, then please deal with that issue, rather than imposing new rules for the AWESOME employees that you have hired and daily do a FANTASTIC job! I speak for most of my co-workers when I say,”Just let us be comfortable.”


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