God’s Work. Our Hands.

Hello again folks!

I know I have been absent for quite awhile, but I will explain why. I have been trying to figure out (and write about, as I have the drafts) WHY people cannot accept “nice” for what it is. What I specifically mean is: A LOT of people are skeptical of “niceness”.

I have touched on this subject in previous entries regarding power and interest, ideology, and economic theory, but the underlying theme in all of them is “intent”. I have come to the conclusion that INTENT is what most everyone focuses on. Many people are afraid that other people are being nice to them for some ulterior motive. In other words, they believe something will be expected in return if they accept kindness from others. This is WHY I have been confused about people my entire life. Naivety? Perhaps. . .

Today, my church (St. Paul’s in Frankfort, IN) had an event that helped beautify a local park and also brought the community together. A GROUP of individually NICE people got together and we had an AWESOME day that transformed the atmosphere of the park. Let me explain what happened. . .

A plan was set to have an event where we could improve a local Frankfort park with flowers, weeding, mulch, and improvements to the basketball court and sandbox. We also had activities for kids to come and do chalk art and paint flower pots! Our goal was to add BEAUTY to the community! ☺

Here is how it actually worked: We had our shortened church service and then we all got busy. As hot dogs were being prepared, art supplies set up, and our planting area being dug up and prepared, a couple of unexpected volunteers from the neighborhood showed up to help. They worked their butts off helping us and when leaving, talked to their friends (who were neighbors), and then we had an influx of help with water hoses and buckets to help with the project! People were driving by and giving thumbs up and a bunch of little kids started flocking to the park for the FUN artwork!

I personally was HAPPY because Moon and Mom came to help out! Moon has been to my church a couple of times and knew some of the people, but I wanted Mom to meet the super-nice people at my church. It turns out that my Mom is completely AWESOME when it comes to gardening and inspiration! (I knew this already) Thanks Mom! You were an essential part of our project! ☺

To segue back to my original thought: Why do people accept niceness when it is presented in groups, yet are skeptical when it comes from an individual? It won’t change me anyway and today, I do not care. We had a GREAT day as a church and a community and the park is completely PRETTY! ☺


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