Sam’s Club Explained!

Hi Folks! I hope you have had a most enjoyable week! Mine has been completely busy with my internet being down for a week (broken connection at the pole) and I have been trying to play “catch-up”.  Guess what? I am not good at catch-up, so I am doing the best I can! Since I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I have decided to write a blog entry instead for FUN!


A quick update: Moon and I are collaborating on a new venture and she is doing most of the work! Therefore, my percentage is lower, as it should be.  Between the two of us though, it should work out GREAT! My business Pride/Enjoy! Is moving along, but the lack of internet access did not help my cause. I am, however, HAPPY that it happened before I had my website up and running. (within a month, hopefully. Most of it depends on ME having the TIME to write content and submit it.)


Okay, here is the EXCITING news! Sam’s Club responded to one of my Reese’s Facebook posts! Last week, I “officially” submitted my request for snack-size Reese’s, with the store manager MB, to be sold in bulk at our local Sam’s Club. I was informed that they would submit the request, but corporate makes the decision on what products get shipped where, based on sales.  My thought was: HOW do they know how they will sell in Lafayette, IN if they have NEVER offered them?!? They must be OFFERED first!  Offer them, and we will come and BUY! (and give away for much cheaper.)


Anyway, here is what I really want to talk about: WHY would someone intentionally steal from Sam’s Club when they are essentially providing stuff for FREE? Prior to my blog entry regarding Sam’s Club giving me FOUR free bags of Reese’s eggs, I wrote one about my dissatisfaction with them removing EVERY single thing from the carts and moving them to a new cart. It slowed down the check-out process immensely and broke peoples’ backs.


Well, after my free Reese’s blog, the store manager MB emailed me and thanked me and wanted to meet me. It took several weeks due to scheduling, but I was finally able to meet him in an aisle while he was restocking computer items! We talked for about 15 minutes and I was able to express my dissatisfaction of the “removing everything from the cart” policy. The story he told me was unbelievable to me! I actually said to him, “Are you F’ing SERIOUS?” Unfortunately, he said, “Yes”.  Read on for the story. . .


Folks, I have been mad that Sam’s Club started this policy of everyone removing everything from their carts, but then MB explained to me WHY. I figured it was because of stuff not getting scanned (which he admitted was a small amount of the losses), but what I did NOT expect is what he told me next. His two examples he told me were that people were intentionally hiding bacon between water cases and flea medicine underneath dog food bags. I quickly did that math, and suddenly understood WHY this new policy was in effect. I still don’t like it, but at least I understand. Sort of. . .


WHY in the world would anyone STEAL from Sam’s Club? This makes ZERO sense to me.  Most everything is FREE after a year or two anyway.  You pay for bulk, but get it cheaper, then you back-fill and you have essentially already paid for it so your new stuff is FREE.  Sam’s Club is the PERFECT self-endowment and also a way to GIVE food and products to your friends because half of your stuff is really FREE!


I would like to make a public apology to Sam’s Club for not understanding their policy regarding removing every item from the cart. I would also like to make an apology for all of those that feel the need to steal from a place that is giving you stuff for free.  It is not NICE, it is completely GREEDY, and it hurts the rest of us that just want to get in and get out and have a joyous money-saving experience.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! I have a most awesome weekend planned with GREAT friends, ribeye steaks, baked potatoes, beer, wine, and the Indigo Girls concert!


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