Jim Bailey and the Indy 500

Hi folks! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday weekend! Mine has been GREAT so far, and tomorrow should be even better! I cannot wait!


Okay, let me get to today’s topic: The Indy 500!  Today, I attended the Indy 500, (thanks to the generosity of my Uncle Wavy) with my Uncle, Grandma, and Dad. A bit of history filling-in is needed here for contextual purposes, so I will start a new paragraph!


My Great-Grandfather Jim Bailey went to every race possible while he was alive. There were a couple of exclusions with wars and such, where the race did not happen, but he attended all of the others and was also honored by the Governor for his attendance! After his death in 1995 (I think Grandma said that was the year), our family continued to purchase the same tickets in memory of him and wanting to continue the tradition. These ticket purchases have shifted throughout the years between family members that could either afford it or had interest in attending. Regardless, someone has always purchased the tickets.


This year, Uncle Wavy decided that he wanted to attend, so he also recruited family members. Much to his surprise, he had willing participants!  Nostalgia reigned this year and we all wanted to attend!  Here’s what happened: We all had an awesome time reliving Grandpa Bailey’s LOVE and had the side benefit of a fantastic race. We also remembered how we used to go to Aunt Emmy and Uncle Bill’s house prior to the race and have breakfast!  Their house was within walking distance to the track, and there are only 4 tickets, so non-attendees would hang at their house and we would listen to the race and imagine the sights, yet still hear the sounds.  Good times at the Indy 500.


So this year we went and saw a super race that was close until the very end.  Side-bonus: a man who remembered Grandpa Bailey came up to Grandma after the race and asked her about him. She listened first and then said, “Yeah, that was my Father that had tickets here.” I have decent ears (even after being deafened by race cars) and I have perfect eyes (the only one in the family).  What I heard was a man that took his time to tell my Grandma stories about her father from years of also attending and sitting next to him and what I saw was my Grandma completely grateful to hear the stories about her father Jim Bailey.


It also turns out that other things were happening, so I stopped looking and listening and let them share that time.  Sometimes, it works better that way.


Thank you Wavy for the tickets and experience and thank you Grandpa Bailey for the inspiration and LOVE to make it all happen. It was a GOOD race today!


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