Oligopoly: (noun) DISCLAIMER: (My) definition: Economists trying to define intent. Greed or Charity?

Hello folks! I hope you have all had a JOYOUS day, as I have!  It all started with an early morning parking-spot search that culminated with me just going to where I normally park and walking two blocks in the rain to my destination. Should have just gone there to begin with!


Okay, so yesterday I completed an awesome volunteer training program and today was my exit interview. (Hence, the parking issue) During my time waiting for the exit interview, I got a most fantastic call from my favorite banker and guess what? T-shirts will finally be ordered at the end of next week! Get your orders in now! The website and all of the details are still being worked out, but FINALLY the money seems to be set!


Luckily, Mom wanted to meet me at Arni’s and also pay for it! We had a most delicious pizza where she cherry-picked all of the biggest and most scrumptious pieces, and I let her! WHY? Because she was paying, giving me the leftovers, and I KNOW she craves pizza and deprives herself! See folks? It is genetic!  Hi Mom! Hi Polo!  Hey Polo, just because you don’t “technically” like pizza, Mom still LOVES it and she shouldn’t have to sneak around to eat it! Just sayin’!  😀



Major context info now: Roughly a month ago I met Bacon while driving the Saturday Trolley route. She flagged me down at the Lilly Hall stop and her question to me before she boarded was, “Will you eventually end up right back here?” My answer was, “Yes.” and she boarded.  I realized that she probably was not from Lafayette, so I asked, “Are you not from here and just want to see the town?’ To which she responded, “No, but I went to school here. . . and I want to see the town NOW and get a feel for it.”  AWESOME! The most interesting person I had met in at least a month, so the questions spewed from my mouth! And she answered them and we had a great time!  But wait, there’s more!


During our questioning and answering session, she had mentioned her husband Ham, so I felt it was okay to ask about Ham!  Guess what? Ham writes too and is completely FUNNY!  Ham came to visit Bacon for four days and we all went out to dinner. Long story short, not only had Bacon and I hit it off immediately, but so did Ham and I!  Awesome! While Ham was here, he left with me a compilation of his writings and I read it.  Guess what? I learned a new word!


If you all remember, the last new word I learned was “contumacious” and I wrote a whole blog entry on that. (use the “search” part if you want to read it because I STILL have not taken the time to learn how to link things.  I will, I swear, just not today as I have a new manuscript to read and review!)  Well, thru one of Ham’s writings I came across a word I did not know: Oligopoly.


Oligopoly: ol·i·gop·o·ly [ol-i-gopuh-lee] Show IPA


the market condition that exists when there are few sellers, as a result of which they can greatly influence price and other market factors.


Essentially, what this term means is that people can either be nice or not nice. It is a cooperation of folks/entities and they can decide to become cartels and soak peeps for money, or they can decide to provide for their fellow man and figure out how to make things cheaper and more efficient.  I am gathering that the term derived from economists trying to term GREED, and needing a new word.  Just my guess . . .


Oh, and for those of you that don’t want to look up “contumacious”, it means this: Stubbornly or willfully disobedient.


LOVE it, and LIVE it!


Happy day folks! I will catch you later!


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