“Contumacious” Exemplified!

Hi folks! I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day, as I had a SUPER great time with my most favorite moms!  (and also Polo and M.A. (my uncle) who is known around town as M.A., just like Polo and M.A.’s  father  (my grandfather) was known as R.W.! Get it Bang? It is a FAMILY tradition!)


Okay, before I get to the crux of my blog entry, I want to thank both Moon and Carrie Bloomfield for my inspiration. Moon explicitly stated to me that I should write about this and Carrie stated it thru her own way. Thanks to both of you!


Much to my chagrin (fancy word to look up if you don’t know it!), I encountered a completely disturbing and insulting memo when I arrived at work Saturday morning.  This prompted a picture and Facebook post and tagging of three people that had ZERO to do with it and an explanation of the ramifications of the new policy and how it would affect them. Unfortunately, one of the three texted me and told me to remove my “unprofessional” post immediately (which I did, not really understanding WHY, since there was nothing “unprofessional” in there except for the possible “accountability” issue for none of the three tagged) I removed it, thought about it all day (I had 8 hours of thinking, since this happened before work) and then texted the offended party (after work) and apologized (for the third time since the offense) and asked for an explanation of what I said that was wrong. No response.


Would you appreciate some context?  Guess what? I will provide it for you! I typically ignore postings at work because they are either detrimental to me performing my job if I know about them or they are completely redundant. Occasionally, there is a posting that provides helpful info, but it is rare. So Saturday I entered and one particular sign caught my eye and I actually read it!  To put it mildly, my response was “colorful”! (pull the tape, I do not care and it would be quite humorous anyway!)


Okay, so the crux of the memo was that employees would no longer be able to cross a magic line without an appointment, due to security issues. (within this memo it was completely implied that we would steal sensitive info regarding co-workers  while visiting offices without an appointment)  So here is what happened: I posted a pic of the memo (without email addresses) and wondered publicly HOW I was going to say “Hello” to my friends and hand out Reese’s cups without making an appointment. I added a bit about bureaucracy in the “friendliness” category, but basically, said nothing wrong and was NICE while pointing out the absurdity of the policy.  Since I was accused of being “UNPROFESSIONAL” for some reason that was never explained to me even after I asked TWICE,  (and apologizing for unknown reasons and asking for an explanation) I will continue with my own thoughts on the matter. . .


Here is WHY this is my fault: Several months ago I got wrapped up in defending peoples’ basic civil rights regarding the HJR 6, 3, 90210 deal and believed we were all to be judged as individuals.  Unfortunately, it is apparent to me that some folks still believe that “birds of a feather flock together” and that you are “guilty by association”.  It saddens me that I cannot express a completely VALID viewpoint while simultaneously being NICE regarding the matter, without someone calling me UNPROFESSIONAL and then never telling me WHY and wanting to distance themselves from me because I have a different viewpoint.  I thought that was what original thought and diversity was all about.  I know that to be true and I am just making a point. My only regret is that I tagged people in a post  (as affected friends that I would no longer be able to say “Hello” to without an appointment) and had my point missed completely.


Folks, being friends with someone that holds a different viewpoint should NOT affect your employment. It also should NOT reflect upon YOU!  It works a lot better if we stop apologizing for other peoples’ actions (that we have no control over anyway) and accept the fact that everyone is an individual and responsible for their OWN actions.


Enjoy your week everyone! I most certainly will!


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