I LOVE Sam’s Club!

Hi folks!  It has been a most AWESOME day today and I know I normally give shout-outs to individuals, but today I am giving my shout-out to GOD for giving me this great day that allowed me to laugh and enjoy my day, while simultaneously seeing loved-ones that I haven’t seen or talked to in months.  It was a GREAT day!  Let me explain . . .


BTP is on vacation, so I am doing his most wonderful Gold Loop this week.  I LOVE Gold Loop for many reasons, but my main reason is that I love all of the people from Purdue Village and the positive energy they have.  They come from every country imaginable and are completely NICE.  Today, I saw and visited with nearly EVERY person that I think about while driving this route.  I used to drive this route several years ago on a regular basis and met a lot of really cool people that I love. Andres, is one of them. (He is the artist that I recently posted pics of the artwork I bought from him.)  Another is my friend ‘O!  I saw him twice today.  One time he was crossing State Street when I was pulling out of Memorial Mall and we waved and said hello, and the second time we had a chance to talk briefly.  I also saw G-7 (my most favorite professor) twice today also, and we also had a few minutes to chat and hug and catch up. (G-7 and ‘O are my two favorite bus passengers that I want to meet each other! We are getting closer!)


So I had a super-fun day passing out Reese’s eggs to both passengers and co-workers.  Folks, I cannot always do hand-to-hand transactions, so often times they are thrown from bus to bus at stop lights. Irish Pig and I had a slight mishap today at Northwestern and Grant (zero for three in the tossing department) and D.C., Poet, and ‘Y all noticed the miscue at the intersection.   Irish Pig got his Reese’s at Memorial Mall, so all was GOOD!


What happened later in the day was that I got “forced” into overtime, when my day was completely scheduled with prescription drug turn-in (at the W.L Police Dept.) and Sam’s Club, for Reese’s refills before they are out of eggs.  Here’s what happened:  I got completely mad that I had to work overtime when I was specifically waiting for this once a month event to turn in prescription drugs so that they don’t harm the environment by flushing them down the toilet.  Then I rushed to the West Lafayette Police Department to find out I had the wrong week!  And I had FOUR Reese’s eggs for Mayor John!  Those quickly diminished to TWO, as I informed his helpers to keep TWO for themselves and only give TWO to Mayor John for misinformation!  (They were fans of Reese’s eggs, so it is possible that Mayor John will not see any!)


On to my AWESOME Sam’s Club shopping experience!  Folks, I have been quite clear that Sam’s Club is my most favorite shopping destination ever. I have also been quite clear that I despise their new policy regarding “taking everything out of the cart” and breaking people’s backs unnecessarily.   They can have their policies that I despise, but I am now going to tell you WHY they are the most AWESOME store ever! New paragraph!


Today, after forced-overtime, I eventually made it to Sam’s Club.  I returned some printer ink worth almost $60 and got a credit on my account.  I then proceeded with my shopping experience and started with Reese’s eggs.  I could NOT find them, but luckily, one of my bus passengers works there and helped me find the remaining bags.  (not many folks, maybe 20, if that, and I grabbed four)  I proceeded onto to beer and Diet Coke and hit the check out line.  I went to pay and I got “declined”.  Long story short, I went to the customer service desk with my goods, made a phone call and talked to a completely nice gal named Rachel from Ohio that had no ability to help me, but was NICE.


I then asked for a manager and in walked D.G. to assist me.  What happened with my return and “credit” was that the money won’t be available for a week, due to processing, and I explained that I needed the Reese’s eggs TODAY, as I give them away and I was out of them.  Folks, the most AWESOME thing happened: D.G. gave me the FOUR bags of Reese’s eggs for FREE (compliments of Sam’s Club) because I was giving them away for FREE!




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