Floss Folks: For your Financial Future!

Hi folks! I had a super FUN day off today that spanned all sorts of “seriousness” and still had a good time! It started off with some fun emails to several people, then I progressed to still more dental care, then Reese’s handing out at the bank, and then finally concluded my day at the courthouse for some very rewarding courtroom observation!


Let’s start with a most FUNNY email to my new volunteering boss C1! Okay folks, I cannot discuss details because of the organization, but I can disclose that ‘R is also a member and so are TWO Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls!  Awesome!  Anyway, there was some confusion over Reese’s eggs and my intent with passing them out that I felt needed clarified.  Guess what? I explained my stance to C1 and everything was cleared up quickly. Except she left me an opening for a joke and I could not pass it up!  Fortunately, I also asked a serious question after my joke and she responded to that.


So, I got to my scheduled volunteering duties and saw C1 in the hall and mentioned her lack of response to my joke. She laughed and said she didn’t have time to respond to that. Translation: She thought it was funny, but is a busy woman. Next, I meet CJ (a supervisor) and we proceed down a flight of stairs and guess what? We run into C1 who tells CJ, “Make sure she behaves herself in court!”  CJ responds, “Do you think we have a problem child on our hands?” C1 laughs and starts to proceed up the stairs, but before she can get away, I proclaim to them both that C1 sees my “potential” for trouble.  (C1 is taking this approach: Don’t encourage her.) We all laugh and continue on.  Court was great and I learned a lot.  After everything was officially over, I went up to the Judge and introduced myself by saying, “I hope I am not breaking the law by introducing myself and walking up here. I don’t know the rules.” She laughed and we shook hands and chatted. GOOD day all around and I really liked the FEEL of the courtroom. It was obvious to me that everyone there was trying to HELP.  It was a really GOOD feeling to be around so many people that actually CARE.  Okay, on to dental work!


So my dentist Reefer was feeling better today after his bout with food poisoning, and we were able to complete the “initial” expensive process of getting rid of calculus.  Funny to me that he was getting rid of “calculus” when I have stated many times that I would much rather have calculus than algebra.  Anyway, we are now hoping for a most awesome score in 6 weeks that will save me a ton of money!  I started out as a 40, then I was a 37, and today I was a 26! Thank you Glo for sending me my forgotten results and also hooking me up with 0% financing for 12 months!


Folks, this place is awesome. Reefer has a most excellent rapport with his staff and the conversations they have are actually interesting while you are stuck without saying anything because dental tools are in your mouth.  Today’s highlights between Reefer and Stream involved tenderloins and golf. I was able to raise my thumbs and give APPROVAL of the conversation!  I would also like to thank KK for teaching me the proper methods of flossing and also RaRa for her scheduling abilities and most awesome hair and attitude!  I TRULY appreciate all of you!


Closing thoughts: ‘R, you are on team Sparkle. Deal with it. I am hoping that C1 will place me on your team so that I can calm you down a bit regarding the team name.  I understand you actually gave a lecture regarding this matter. My advice is that you tell the guys in the men’s room that you are on team “Wolf Pack” and be done with it. You are outnumbered. Oh wait, men don’t speak in the men’s room. (see “Mysteries of the Men’s Room” if any of you need context!)  Love you ‘R!   When are you and Ram coming over for pizza?  🙂



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