Sam’s Club! Please Listen!!!

Okay folks, I had a most awesome day.  First off, my dental appointment ended up going WAY faster than I expected and I was able to get to Sam’s Club during the expensive, pay extra yearly time-frame, and be completely disappointed. I previously blogged about how they should reconsider their proposed policy change as it was completely inefficient and defeated the whole purpose of people going to Sam’s Club early and how it would waste people’s TIME and also make their best customers mad.  That was apparent today and I will get to that later!  I would like to do my shout-outs first! 🙂


I have been quite clear that I have started my own business: Pride/Enjoy!  I am not sure if people don’t believe me or what, but this is fact.  During the course of driving my various bus routes over the past couple of months, I kept seeing Creative, Inc. across from UPS on 36th St..  I LOVED their crisp and clean designs and kept looking at them every time I drove the bus by their place.  I had a day off and stopped in.  I was fortunate enough to meet Lady! and get some fliers. (Hey Lady!, I added punctuation to your pseudonym choice for EMPHASIS!)   🙂


Prior to contacting Lady!, I got ahold of Senator (one of the owners of Lafayette Tent and Awning) and asked his advice.  He advised me that their stuff was of such high quality that I would not be able to afford it and steered me to more affordable places. I did just that and appreciate the honesty. I still WANT the high-quality stuff, and I am CERTAIN that when I am ready, Senator will give me a most fair price!  Here is my suggestion to both Senator and Lady!: Collaborate and eliminate the middlemen in this aspect. You BOTH have high quality products and you are both in Lafayette.  Keep it local and keep it REAL.


So when I visited Lady! on my day off, she informed me of the EXPO happening the next week and that her company would be demonstrating a car-wrapping. I totally wanted to see that process and attended.  I had two purposes that day: see the car-wrapping and find someone to do my website.  Lady! provided me with the name of a place to do my website and I met with KR @ Treefrog Marketing today!


Folks, I already trusted Lady!, but after meeting KR at Treefrog Marketing, I KNEW right then that I had the best team possible to help me achieve my goals. I am all in with this crew! Okay, on to Sam’s Club!


I previously wrote a blog entry warning Sam’s Club that their proposed policy of making people remove EVERYTHING from their carts would be a BAD idea.  Guess what? They did NOT listen to reason.  I now have TWO experiences to relate to everyone: Last Friday and Today. Let’s begin with last Friday . . .


Last Friday, I went to Sam’s Club between 2 and 3 and could not believe how FULL the parking lot was.  Final Four was coming up, so I didn’t think too much about it. Plus, I never go on Fridays, so I didn’t know the shopping patterns.  Here is what happened:  I got to the check-out lane and put my small stuff on the conveyor belt and rolled my bulky (aka “heavy stuff”) cart to the front.  The clerk told me to hang on and went and retrieved another cart. WHY? So she could transfer my bulk items to another identical cart.  As it turns out, the worker was in her late 50s and had a broken arm the previous year and after picking up and moving items from one cart to another all day long, her arm was killing her.  The INEFFICIENCY of the whole process was killing ME, but her ARM was killing her MORE.  And for ZERO reason.


Today:  I got to Sam’s Club unexpectedly early because my dental appointment did not take as long as expected.  Shopping was great because virtually no one was in there.  And then I got to the check-out line. . . Only one line was officially “open”, but the lane next to that one had a cashier that would accept people that weren’t paying cash and didn’t need cash back. Translation: An employee did NOT have a cash drawer and was helping out her coworker.


WHY was another lane needed when virtually no one was in the store?  I will tell you WHY.  Because Sam’s Club decided that all items need to be removed from the cart to be scanned even when they are on a freaking FLAT CART! I have pics of this folks and they will be posted on Facebook after this blog is done.  So this woman ahead of me in line had a flat cart full of cases of bottled water and other cases of stuff.  I think she only had 3 or possibly 4 different items.  She had them perfectly stacked for scanning and transport to the parking lot. What happened? The clerk went and got ANOTHER flat cart and transferred every single BULK item onto the other cart and guess what?  It took almost 10 minutes and pissed off a bunch of people in line. WHY? Because all of the items were perfectly stacked and scannable to begin with and now every person had to WAIT for the non-necessary cart-to-cart transfer process to happen before they could purchase their items.


I stated in my prior blog entry regarding this matter, that there would be a back-log of carts, well I did not anticipate the lack of maneuverability in the front of the store because of twice as many carts in front of the check-out lanes. Now, once you actually complete the check-out process and unnecessary cart/product exchange, you cannot get out of the freaking store because there are carts everywhere. Furthermore, the efficient people are pissed because it has taken so long, and everyone (including the cashiers and customer reps) are grumpy.  Great plan Sam’s Club.  Like I told you last time: TAKE THE LOSS!


Okay, my rant with my favorite shopping destination is over. Thank you Senator, Lady!, and KR! It was a great day and you all should collaborate. WHY? Because you all exude excellence!  That is why I love you all!  🙂



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