Thank You GOD!

Hello folks! I know it has been awhile since I have written an entry, but I have been extremely busy with starting my new business “Pride/Enjoy!” and dealing with unnecessary (and costly) money issues. Don’t despair, all is completely GOOD now! On that note, I would like to give several shout-outs and then go to bed!


First and foremost, I would like to thank Mayor John for his provided info for the program I inquired about. It turns out that only Lindsey Lou and I will be participating, as my former friend does not prescribe to reason. Lindsey and I will still be participating on April 17th and we thank you for the info!


Secondly, I would like to thank T-Lo and especially Wily (formerly with 1st Source Bank) for performing the most efficient mortgage refinance EVER! Folks, Wily got my refinance done (start to finish) in EXACTLY two weeks! I started March 10th by walking in the door with all appropriate paperwork. He expedited the process by us meeting the next day over my split-shift at work and me signing paperwork and writing a check for the appraisal and submitting that info to the appraisal company. Then, I got a call that SAME day from the appraisal company and set up an appointment for the NEXT day! Long story short: He got me the best rate, with the lowest fees, without losing time (20-year term), dropped my payment by at least $100/month, and is completely freaking nice and funny on top of his most EXCELLENT customer service. His reward? He lost his job and has several even BETTER job offers! AWESOME! Completely sweet when under-appreciation turns to REAL gold! That my friends is JUSTICE!


Thirdly, I would like to thank N18 (he is the owner) for being most sincere, honest, and providing me with a super FUNNY gift today with his most IMPROMPTU response to a phone call! N18, that was PERFECT! Also, I cannot believe that I am the FIRST person to ask about the interest rates you charge! That, in itself, is completely funny to me! No wonder you are so successful! Tip to sensible folks: ask him what his terms are! LMAO! Anyway, thank you N18, you have been a true pleasure to meet and so is N18DRR. (pretty sure it is two “R”s)


Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to give GOD a shout out for teaching me a most valuable lesson: the devil comes in many colors. Luckily, I was able to look EVIL directly in the eye and laugh after being called “selfish”, “stupid”, and “bitch” (along with several other “flattering” words) and change the terms of my scooter purchase with N18 so that it would go to someone who actually appreciates the transportation and versatility aspects of having their own wheels with a bonus thing on the back to hold a rain suit and extra supplies under 5-7 pounds. Oh, and the new recipient appreciates my financing terms (and will actually pay me back) and also appreciates the added storage thing on the back for FREE and the $50 discount for the “scratch” due to shipping. Day, you DESERVE it! I am glad to help YOU!  🙂


Sidebar: I completely did not take into account that I would have BOTH North and South Earl Avenue in the picture, hence the “N” at the beginning of N18. So, unless there is an “N” in front, it means SOUTH Earl Avenue. (Main Street is just numbers, as there is no East/West)  🙂



One thought on “Thank You GOD!

  1. Damon says:

    That’s awesome! You are a kind and loving person. You don’t deserve to have the devil bring you down to his level! N18 is definitely awesome as well!


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