Dog Days of Dental Work!

Wow folks! I have had an EXTREMELY busy week.  I will start with my day off Monday and proceed to explain the past two days involving sick days and super AWESOME dental care!  Let’s start with Monday (my day off ). . .


I woke up Monday and still had Sunday’s paper unwrapped and ready to read on my coffee table.  I have made a concerted effort to read my friend Bang’s articles when I have time, so that is what I did. (that is also the only thing I read because I had a TON of stuff to do that day!)  So I read the article and it was about the revitalization of State Street in West Lafayette and the planning committees for future progress, blah, blah and also quoted Mayor John regarding the placement of the new City Hall.  He wanted it to be in the Tapawingo Park area and I completely agreed!  So Bang’s article inspired me writing John an email with my suggestions and him responding that he REALLY liked them and would see if he could implement them! Hi John! (I discovered last night that you are friends with my friend Shamas!) So I sent my email suggestions to him and headed off for lunch in Lebanon with Eyes. . . .


Sunday, Grandma and I went to Zionsville (following the most AWESOMELY DETAILED directions EVER) to visit my Uncle Ned and family. After leaving, and me returning Grandma home, I texted Bird to see if he had my logo done for my new business “Pride/Enjoy!” and INDEED he did! The timing worked out great and he was able to give me this newly-created logo at a gas station-exchange while he and his wife were heading downtown for dinner with friends.  Thank you Bird!  After they left, a most charming young woman named “BJB” walked up to my window and I rolled my window down. She LOVED my Hooptie! She used to have one! 30 minutes later and info exchanged (I still need to email her), I continued home. Previous to actually “receiving” the new logo, I asked Bird if it was okay if I posted it on Facebook because I was excited. He said that was fine. So I did.  So after a long day of traveling and chatting, I got home and checked Facebook. . .


Eyes loved the logo and made the connection with the name of the new business. Since she made the connection, I asked if she would like to give me her email address and read the entire written explanation. She DID want that, so I sent it to her. After reading that, she wanted to meet for lunch and discuss it more. Turns out I had Monday off, so we met in Lebanon at Steak & Shake (Jeremiah, the manager, and customers love Reese’s eggs, btw) and not only did we laugh our asses off for an entire hour and a half, she also agreed to be the Vice President of the “Pride/Enjoy! Endowment” that I am creating.  Her husband Balls will also be helping me with website stuff.  Hi Balls!  Tons more stuff done that day, but let’s proceed to Tuesday. . .


Monday night, my tooth started hurting again (that one from several months ago I blogged about and stated it was a 10/10 on the pain scale).  I decided to wait and see if it still hurt in the morning because the pain had previously just “flared” up, and I thought it might subside while sleeping. It did NOT, so I called in sick, and hoped for a Dentist-opening.  While waiting for Dental offices to open, my dog Lindsey Lou decided that today would be the day that she finally felt like donating to the Tree Lafayette Endowment thru the Community Foundation and insisted that I draft a letter and check (I am her ghost writer and accountant).  So, while in complete tooth pain, I drafted Lindsey’s letter for her, exchanged emails with CatesB (the Peace Frogs founder) and resolved clothes-ordering issues that were completely MY fault (sorry CatesB), and generally got stuff done, while waiting for my dentist’s office to open.


Lindsey INSISTED on presenting her donation and letter to the Community Foundation herself, so we left and first stopped at the Dentist’s office to NOT get in that day. We left the Dentist’s office and headed to the Community Foundation for donation purposes, then proceeded towards our bank downtown to see Wily and T-Lo regarding my mortgage refinance at 1st Source Bank. (My new bank because the people there are completely NICE and HELPFUL in all matters!)  The way the parking lot set-up at the Community Foundation works, is that one is directed down a neat path to leave, and you end up on Valley Drive and later 10th Street.  I was already on 10th Street and decided we should actually get gas before we were stranded.


My old pizza-delivery pal $ingh, owns the gas station at Ferry and 9th, so I headed that direction for gas. Since my window was down because Lindsey was with me and the Community Foundation parking situation directed us that way, I ended up at 10th and Main and saw one of my FAVORITE bus passengers Sonny, setting up shop  outside at Main Street Mercantile.  I did something sort of illegal, but no one was around to witness it, and stopped my hooptie and yelled, “Hello” to Sonny.  He could not tell who it was, due to the sunshine, and walked over and invited me to come shop.  I told him I would!  After filling my tank at $ingh”s gas station, I returned with Lindsey Lou and saw Sonny in the parking area and told him that I was coming to shop now and asked if dogs were allowed in the store since they did not serve food. He stated that Lindsey was welcome, so Lindsey and I went shopping!


After entering the shop with Lindsey, I decided that I would REALLY like a cup of PERFECT coffee from 1016’s place a couple of doors down.  Sonny agreed to watch Lindsey while I got my coffee and chatted with 1016P regarding student loan matters. (Also, on the way inside 1016’s place, I met another dog owner with her dog. I asked the sex. (Lindsey only likes BOY dogs) She stated hers was a boy and I asked the name: LOU!  She went and had FUN with her dog and my dog and Sonny, while I was screwing around getting coffee and chatting with 1016P! ) Bottom line: Mom, Sonny both sold me $441 worth of stuff AND dog-sat for me, but now Kat won’t ever have to worry about feeling out of place (if she pet-sits for me) by pet-sitting in a house of non-tables and chairs!  The table is AWESOME, btw!


Holy crap!  I am turning into Ayn Rand with my extended text. Okay, let me get to my dental thing and go to bed!  To cut to the chase regarding diagnosis: I needed a root canal when I woke up yesterday.  It didn’t happen yesterday, due to scheduling purposes, but happened today! This part is completely FUN and what I wanted to write about to begin with! So see the next paragraph!


I walked into my Dentist’s office and they asked if I had an appointment. I stated that I did not, but my tooth was killing me. Next question: Who was my Doctor? My response?  “The cute doctor with the long name that I don’t remember! “  Simple. They knew who I meant!  That got all set up and Keef advised me of my options today and I met the other Doctor who actually performed the dental examination.  After my examination by Orty, I was referred to another place that LUCKILY had an opening to do a root canal TODAY!


So as LUCK would have it, I was able to get a root canal TODAY!  I walked in and said, “Hello! Thank you so much for getting me in for a root canal so quickly!” I am pretty sure this may have been the first time they had been THANKED for a root canal! So then I did some paperwork and met the doctor Patty and he was my “witness” for one of my forms I had to sign.  Patty explained everything PERFECTLY to me, performed the procedure under cost, and also did not HURT me.  That is crucial with dental people.  Pain doesn’t feel nice, and it makes people even LESS willing to visit a dentist.  While I was paying my bill and Dino was explaining to me the complications of insurance percentages and making copies for me, I eyeballed an awesome piece of art hanging on the wall and asked who bought it.  Turns out that Patty was the genius behind the art in the office!  So while insurance-entering paperwork stuff was being done, I went in search of Patty, found him, and brought him to the artwork I was interested in and asked him where he got it.  He told me and I explained that if he ever wanted to get rid of it, I wanted it.  Patty, I would LOVE to have that piece. Let’s make a deal! (Keep me in mind as your first option anyway.)


Bang, remember how I called after the procedure and told you that it didn’t hurt and that if you ever needed a root canal to not be scared (and you chuckled and thanked me)?  Even when the numbness wore off, it was still fine. Still is.  J


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