My PERFECT Art by Robin Coyner

Hi folks!  I am not sure WHY I keep having consecutive AWESOME days, but I have had yet another one!  I got a lot of chores done and my artist friend Bird came over to alter a painting for me to make it PERFECT!  THANK YOU BIRD!  I will do my shout-outs first and then get back to Bird, as this blog entry is for him!  Love you Bird!  🙂

Thank you ‘Z and Shoog for delivering my most-needed free office furniture. It will be utilized as intended and ‘Z, “Thank You”, it means a lot to me.  Okay, also thanks to Mom and Polo for bringing me left-over food, as I am broke and didn’t feel like cooking tonite! (“Tonite” SHOULD be spelled that way, and I will continue to spell it like that.) On to the good stuff!  🙂

Okay, so those of you that are Facebook friends with me know that I saved Bird’s card for two and half years (after his art show I attended at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation (TAF)) by my computer, waiting for the time that I had money to buy what I LOVED.  That time finally came and I contacted him to buy it.  I think he was perhaps surprised, and not sure if I was serious, but after a couple of emails, he knew I was.  Initially, I bought 3 paintings from him, and he gave me a 4th one for FREE! (My best guess, as I never asked Bird WHY, is because I appreciated the humor and intent of what he was saying.  This particular free one hangs by my front door so that I have a good laugh every day before I walk out the door!  I LOVE it!)  Thank You for your gift to me Bird!  🙂

So, after buying my initial 3 or 4 (depending on how you look at the free one), he posted a pic of a new one on his Facebook page and was looking for name suggestions for it.  I aptly named it (which he agreed with my suggestion and that is what it is named now) and I subsequently bought it!  Prior to delivery and payment, I was texting with him and asked him WHY all of his animal-related paintings were male animals.  I mean, it was obvious by antlers or other features.  And Bird responded that he did not know why they were all male and had never thought about it.  Well folks, we didn’t talk again for several weeks, and then he posted a pic of a new painting.  Guess what?  FEMALE-oriented in the depiction and I HAD to have it!  So I bought it even though I was broke!  AWESOME though, and I was completely HAPPY!  Well, almost. . .

You see, there is nothing worse than having art that you cannot display and enjoy.  My problem was that I had the actual art, but not the money to frame it.  Worked out GREAT!  WHY?  Because as Mom and I were planning the PERFECT location for my future-framed painting, she had a most awesome suggestion.  That suggestion was to ask Bird if he would change the eye-color in the painting to match MY eye-color.  He agreed to do so, and that eye-color-altering day was TODAY!

Here is how today worked:  Bird showed up and did NOT need help gathering his supplies and bringing them into my house.  While Bird was doing his thing, I danced and took pics.  He finally got inside and sat down to change the eye-color and asked me what color I wanted it to be.  I stated that I wanted it to be MY eye color and that he is the artist and I cannot see my own eyeballs, so figure it out.  He laughed and did just that.  He had somehow “lost” a vital paint-mixing apparatus between his house and mine, so I got to see the WHOLE process! Completely AWESOME!  Folks, the altered painting is now PERFECT.  It is ME!  And I LOVE it! (I will attach the pic of the art when I figure out how to.)

What is amazing about this chain of events to begin with, is the fact that I even went to his show, which was set up by Grandma.  Grandma organized this event because Duck and Bird went to school together and Mom invited herself to our fabulous Red Lobster lunch (at the old location) paid in full by Grandma!  Thanks Grandma!  Once inside the (TAF) building and looking at Bird’s paintings, Grandma and Mom and Duck couldn’t get me to leave.  (Sorry Duck, but that is your pseudonym. I didn’t like your choices and it is MY blog.)  Folks, the TITLES of the paintings are half of the FUN!  Bird is completely FUNNY and his artwork is OUTSTANDING!  That is WHY I kept his card until I could afford his work.  It was worth the wait.

Now, we are friends and I hope his dreams come true.  I have FAITH that they will.  Hey Bird, the “waiting” is the hardest part.  Love you Bird and THANK YOU!


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