Pride AND Joy

Okay folks! I had a most AWESOME Friday driving the Trolley route (in a bus and not the actual Trolley with the bell) and want to tell you about MY EAGLE, Pride AND Joy (I named her!)  🙂  But first, let me get to the shout-outs!

First and foremost, THANK YOU 714 for getting me in for a HAIRDO today!  I was super shaggy and it was bothering me. Thanks also go to the person that canceled so that I could get in with my most BEAUTIFUL hairdresser at the very last minute!  Love you 714! (And I can’t wait for “Hairdo 101”!  It is LONG overdue!)

Second, I would like to thank 1016 for teaching me 200-level courses in COFFEE yesterday!  Yes folks, I am now attending Coffee University and 1016 is my Professor.  He is MOST informative on many matters, but he explained coffee to me in much further detail yesterday over my split-shift, and we plan to progress to 300-level courses soon, where I will learn packaging and distribution!  I can’t wait!  Thank You 1016!  🙂

Also, 1016P needs a shout-out for all of the help he gave me for setting up my PERFECT coffee-making system at home!  And the entire set-up was under $35 including ground PERFECT coffee!  Hey, 1016, have you ever considered a K-cup type of thing (on demand, of course, for freshness)?  I would totally buy it and I am NEW to coffee! I would pay extra to not have to lightly “tamp-down” grounds and deal with the mess. Thanks for THAT tip 1016P! Just consider it 1016.  😀

Okay, on to the FUN and BEAUTIFUL aspects of the Friday Trolley route!  First of all, ‘Z and I were BOTH on the Trolley route and look out if we ever get TWO ACTUAL TROLLEYS again!  That actually happened two summers ago and you should have heard the ding-dongs back then! Alas, we were BOTH in buses. No FUN?  I think NOT!  So we initially satisfied ourselves in passing with funny facial expressions and hand gestures, but a problem soon arose.  We were not meeting anywhere that a Reese’s Egg transaction could occur.  Luckily, I thought of a super-fun way to accomplish this transaction.  You see folks, ‘Z really enjoys geocaching (a treasure hunting type of deal) and so I had this GREAT idea to do a Reese’s Easter Egg hunt for him at Wabash Landing while I was 10-100 (bathroom break)!

Prior to this most super-fun Reese’s geocaching event, I had a radio exchange with Irish Pig regarding a completely negligent trash-truck driver that broke many laws in the process of almost causing a wreck between a bendy-bus and a garbage-filled vehicle.  After our radio transmission, ‘Y said something and then HaHi got in “tom-foolery” (which was the word of the day) on the radio!  Then ‘Y got a text from Nels telling us to “shut up”, basically.  Nels, we were just having FUN!  So, having this “shut-up” knowledge, I called and asked permission to speak to ‘Z, got it, and told him to check his phone before he got to Wabash Landing.  On his phone was his Easter Egg clue to where his Reese’s Eggs were hidden in front of the movie theater!  And folks, he not only got his Reese’s Eggs, but I also defined “Hidden in Plain Sight”!  Super FUN!  🙂  (and if you think I was wasting time, pull the tape, it took two seconds to “hide” the eggs (on my way to the bathroom) on top of something that you could mostly only see from a bus-driver’s seat.  So, I wasn’t making people late, I was having FUN on my way to the bathroom.)

Now, let’s get to the TRUE HONOR of this blog entry:  MY EAGLE!  For those of you that are not Facebook friends with me (and I accept them all) or have not read my prior blog entry regarding this particular Eagle, let me explain.  I have a Bald Eagle (that I call MY eagle) that comes for a month every winter and waits nearly all day in a most awesomely huge tree on the East side of the river near Sgt. Preston’s.  For a month every year, the past three years, she waits in the same spot for me to look at her when I cross the bridge.  Also, every year (and a lot of you don’t know this, but some do) she also let’s me see her partner (only once) and they snuggle on that most awesome branch in that huge tree.  I have seen them both all three years, snuggling, but only once each year.  I don’t know where he goes, but he leaves her alone to do her own thing.

Yesterday, when I had the Trolley route that went over the bridge, she was NEVER waiting in her spot in the tree.  WHY?  Not sure, but probably taking advantage of the finally-thawed river and fishing opportunities and also the effortless winds! Just my guess.  Her improvisation for MY benefit, I believe, was to make my first daylight trip over the bridge completely memorable.  Oh, I forgot to tell you, I named her a couple of days ago: Her name is “Pride AND Joy” and her nickname that ‘Q helped me come up with is “Beautiful”.  WHY “Pride AND Joy” as a name?  I thought that a bird as beautiful as her deserved a “First, Middle, and Last name”. That is why.  🙂

Here is what happened: On my first daylight trip over the bridge she decided to fly right beside my bus and show off!  She did a FANTASTIC performance and the bus passengers got to enjoy her as well!  In the middle of my shift, I saw her off in the distance flying. I am not sure if she was just enjoying herself (it was a lovely day) or if she was fishing.  Anyway, on my final trip of my route, once again she was not in her tree and I was disappointed.  When I was pulling up to the stop sign at 2nd and Ferry, she came down Ferry Street between the buildings and flew right in front of the bus and showed off some more for all of us to enjoy!  I exclaimed, “Well there you are! You were waiting for my last run!” So after a minute or so of watching her, (yes, in this case, I technically made people a little late, but they enjoyed her performance as well, so I doubt there will be complaints) I continued on for my last 10 blocks and felt completely HAPPY!  It was a great day yesterday!

Sidebar:  After making eye-contact with Beautiful yesterday, I now know it is the same Eagle that lives on the Wildcat by Mom and Polo’s house.  We met last year close up while she was eating a carp on a log.  Makes PERFECT sense WHY she is only on the Wabash for a month. The Wildcat is frozen over and she is efficient and sees no need to travel further than need be to fulfill her needs.  And she can get back home quickly and safely. (Plus, she knows we won’t see each other at her residence because the roads are bad in the winter and I only go to Mom and Polo’s if necessary.) That is why she is MY eagle and why I LOVE her!

So that folks is WHY she is MY Pride AND Joy!


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