Why People Bond

Okay folks, it was a most AWESOME day today! The sun was shining, people were HAPPY again, and great things happened everywhere, I am sure.  People were out walking their dogs and SMILING!  It was just fun to witness people being happy again. It has been a very long winter and 40-something degree weather brought out shorts and flip-flops on the Purdue campus, just as I suspected!  Go Boilers! LMAO!

Okay, first and foremost, I must give a most “Chemistry Book-closing” shout-out to my new friend “No Sodium” (NoNa, for short).  She is a PhD Chemical Engineering Graduate student that FINALLY explained CHEMISTRY to me!  Remember when I explained my English major and listed my FAILED courses and WHY? Well, whether you read that or remember it or not, my reason for not understanding chemistry was because no one could ever explain to me how the elements “chose” who they would bond with and why.  NoNa explained it to me in under two minutes!  THANK YOU NoNa!

Here is the deal peeps, Hydrogen (my example element) bonds with others or stands alone based on energy sources.  It is around the other elements constantly, but the bonds made depend on the energy sources and the strength of the others.  Thank you NoNa! I now understand atmospheric science and many other unexpected things! Ha!  🙂

Here is what has also happened: My super-fun Reese’s/Sam’s Club blog is STILL not going to happen!  I have wanted to do this ONE particular blog entry for months and something ALWAYS comes up! I will continue to believe the timing is wrong and proceed with not doing it. . .

So here is what has happened while writing this: I realized that my core values (elements) are making connections (bonds) and so I must show that evolution instead of doing my super FUN blog that I wanted to do!  Thank you! NOT!  😉

Okay, I learned Calculus (acceleration) on my own at 18 years of age.  G-7 taught me People (power, interest, ideology) at roughly 33 or 34 years, and now NoNa taught me Chemistry (how elements bond) at 43.  You may not see the significance of this, but I do.  Look at the HUMAN aspect of the whole process.  Folks, we need to define ourselves before bonding with other people can truly happen.  I rushed into A LOT of things, probably because I learned acceleration before the other essential elements.  Now, I am hit with the “Patience is a Virtue” mantra that is killing me regarding the Reese’s/Sam’s Club blog that I TOTALLY want to write!

Here is the bottom line for today:  I now understand WHY people have misunderstood me and WHY I have misunderstood them.  We are all learning essential elements at different times.  I learned “acceleration” early, and guess what? I am ahead of my times!  At the same time, I am completely behind in other elements, so now I have to catch up on those.  It totally explains to me WHY I have always been interested in religion, but never had the TIME!  I was too busy planning in advance!  The time is now.  So look out St. Paul’s!  I come with MANY questions, and I like them quickly!  Remember, patience is a VIRTUE!  Please be patient with me!

Alright folks, I totally screwed around doing other things while writing this and need to get to bed. (and now, “yesterday” means “two days ago” and “today” means “yesterday”. It is a little past midnight.)  Good night, and Reese’s can be found on Inner Loop in the morning and Bronze Loop in the afternoon. I am taking extras because I scored TWO awesome routes in one day!  Thank You Over!  🙂


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