My Completely GAY Sunday!

FINALLY, I am getting around to writing this super FUN blog entry.  Too many obligations to attend to, many of which involve the weather. Enough already! I want to see some tulips and daffodils. Let’s get some COLOR going! I am completely over WHITE!

Okay, two shout-outs, then on with it. Firstly, thank you Bert for “noticing” the Reese’s in my mailbox and telling me to go upstairs and check.  I KNOW they were from you, but that was sweet to pretend you had no idea where they came from.  Thank You!  🙂  Secondly, thank you to the City of Lafayette Water Works peeps that responded so quickly to the water main break next door. They were here within 15 minutes on a Sunday!  The guy on the phone was funny too when I called it in.  He essentially said I was killing his guys and didn’t they just fix that!?! I said, “No, that one was at the other end of the street!”  Worst part? Yesterday, when I came home from work, we had ANOTHER break in the middle of the other two they have fixed. Three breaks in three days!  We will have all new plumbing on my street before winter ends! Silver lining in this deal is the fact that our small, quiet side street got super PLOW attention!  Thank you road crew!

Now on with my super GAY Sunday! Now folks, if you remember, Ash Beckham taught me the word “gay” should only be used if either meaning “fun/happy” or “homosexual” and we have both covered on this most FUN Sunday!  So I am using the term correctly, and no offense should be taken!

Sunday started with Moon oversleeping and missing her Catholic morning Mass session and me taking my sweet time getting ready for our pre-planned trip to Frankfort to visit a Lutheran church for services and to visit the art I bought last month.  It didn’t help that it had snowed, yet AGAIN, and the roads were not that great. What also didn’t help was the fact that I wanted to take the “scenic” route (which inadvertently, I discovered is probably both the shortest and fastest way to the church, while simultaneously being the most interesting and beautiful way) and got side-tracked showing her other stuff. I thought we were going to be late anyway, so I added extra stuff. Turns out, we would have been on time had I gone straight there. Oh well, now I know and we had FUN anyway!

So we were about 15 minutes late and Moon was all nervous about walking by the window to the sanctuary. It was completely funny! I walked by and went to the room where the art show is displayed and started turning on lights so we could at least look at the art while the services were going on. I finally got Moon to pass the window and join me, but all she could do was whisper like we were in a library. I just laughed and asked why she was so nervous, and she didn’t have any good answer, which made me laugh more!  The funniest part is that PJ (the Pastor) never saw either of us walk by the window anyway!  But Apostrophe X (aka ‘X) did and he came to visit us in the art room a view minutes later.  He flipped essential switches and showed me how to plug in the gallery lights, which I finished while the services were happening, and also invited us to join the services, even though we were late. He was completely nice and welcoming and responded, “Yes” to my question of whether or not I could have one of their donuts!  I really LIKE this place!

So ‘X returned to his assistant/Communion-aide duties and I ate my donut while Moon and I examined a few of the paintings. Once I finished my donut, I went to catch the tail-end of services which included the Communion ritual and the candle extinguishing. Afterwards, I asked ‘X about his role and why that particular process regarding the candles.  He answered me and then the really nice people started walking by and complimenting my hat!  I had previously been in email contact with PJ and asked if I could wear a hat inside of his church. I was actually referring to a visor at the time, but then I got my most awesome hat identical to Captain Hat’s and happened to have that one on. He had told me it was fine and that no one would probably say anything even if they had a problem with it.  Turns out it was quite the opposite!  They LOVED my hat and everyone commented on it positively! One person said that I was wearing it with “PRIDE”! How is that for a complete turn of events regarding hat-wearing inside of churches?  Okay, so now I LOVE this place!

After services, everyone went in the art room and had donuts and coffee. I had brought a bag of Reese’s hearts and they were a complete hit! And due to lack of sugar for her coffee, Moon invented a new coffee concoction: Coffee with a Reese’s heart added! She said it was delicious! Try that one folks!  🙂  Okay, so we chatted with the folks at the church and PJ and I examined my purchase more closely and he saw a lot he had never noticed in it before and also explained the story of Jonah to me. It was really nice and they invited us to come back any time, which I decided yesterday that I would and I checked my phone a little while ago and Moon had texted me after I went to bed, that she would like to go there too!  So that concludes that fun and gay morning portion of that day! Now on to the other completely GAY afternoon part of our day. . .

We stopped for most delicious sandwiches at Penn Station on St. Rd. 38 that Moon bought with her $150 gift card I helped her score with a flyer from our new coffee and cookie-serving bank. I opened an account with this most fantastic deal and then passed the flyer along to her and she went to their brand new branch the next day and opened an account as well. I haven’t gotten my $150 yet though. I am hoping perhaps today! Anyway, the manager Mathew at Penn Station runs a GREAT operation and has completely friendly and efficient employees. Mathew also leads by example instead of ordering people around! I really liked that about him and, of course, I told him just that before we left! He is completely NICE, just like his employees!  🙂

Bellies full and leftovers secured in my hooptie and we proceed to the Columbia Ballroom for a FANTASTIC presentation: “My BIG GAY ITALIAN Wedding”!  Not only did I run into one of the owners and half of the staff of Sylvia’s Brick Oven, I also had the GREAT fortune to be seated with my new friend Cat! She is completely FUN and knew a couple of the actors. One of which nearly stole the show with his fantastic dancing! And of course I told him that!  Folks, this show was a complete RIOT! Not only was it super FUNNY, but the acting was SUPERB! And we got to dance if we chose to, which I most certainly did! So did Cat and Moon and a bunch of others!  If you get a chance, please check these fine folks out!  They have a show March 14th and 15th called “Flanagan’s Wake!” that I totally plan to attend as well. Go to if you would like info! It was totally worth the money and a GREAT time!

Well folks, that concludes my completely GAY Sunday and now I must be off to research my sock hat design for my job! I got permission to pick the hats and get the embroidery done and take orders from my fellow employees! It will be the difference between wearing cute and fun hats, as opposed to ugly and boring ones! The only stipulation is we have to pay for them ourselves and I know people will, just to wear something that feels good! I’ll see you all when I see you all. . .


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