My PERFECT Pizza @ Sylvia’s Brick Oven! (oops, sorry)

First and foremost, I must give two shout-outs.  The first goes to Gemm on the Purdue campus for providing me with a life-saving chocolate-covered strawberry on Monday night’s Gold Loop when I thought I was going to die from sleep deprivation and lack of caffeine.  Folks, I could not find a cup of coffee anywhere where I could park a 60-foot bus.  Luckily, Gemm boarded at Armstrong Hall and had a bowl in her hand, to which I asked, “What’s in the bowl?”  To which she replied, “Chocolate covered strawberries. Would you like one?”  To which I replied, “ABSOLUTELY!”  After giving me mine, she then passed out others to passengers on the bus.  WHY did she have them? Because she had made them for a weekly pot-luck event that her friends host and they insisted she take the remaining with her even when she didn’t want to.  WHY did they insist?  My take: To save my LIFE that night!  (We are now Facebook friends. Hi Gemm!)
Second shout-out goes to the Lafayette Police Department for helping in my situation two night’s ago while driving the bus.  Your response was immediate, professional, and expedient. Thank you to all three responding officers.  I will have you also know that the passengers were also grateful for your quick response, as I had the same route today and those involved all commented about how you were there when we arrived and handled the situation calmly and thoroughly.  Thanks again.
Okay folks, on to the fun stuff, as I have now eaten the PERFECT PIZZA!  As many of you know, I have extensive pizza experience and am pretty awesome myself at homemade pizzas.  For those of you that do not know, I worked a LONG time in the pizza industry (gaining unexpected valuable experience) and still LOVE pizza! And, I also still enjoy trying to improve it!  Well, I did!  (With the most awesome expertise of a young pizza chef that I was FINALLY able to persuade to my way of thinking through a Reese’s hearts transaction!)  Hi RM!  🙂
Here’s how it started:  Moon and I went to an event to support the non-support of this crazy waste of time gay marriage amendment that I am not naming because the name may change AGAIN and I am tired of wasting my TIME retracting and editing my posts.  Let me sum up my position on this matter:  Thank you everyone for your hard work regarding this matter and THANK YOU Sheila and Ron for your votes. Those are my two people, so those are the ones I am thanking.  Can we PLEASE be done with this and move on?  So this event was at a place that served pizza, but they weren’t serving pizza at the time of the event. They were donating the space for the event. Got that most crucial component and swore I would visit when they were actually serving. . .

And within two weeks, Moon and I visited with her son jSo and we ordered two different pizzas. They liked my zucchini pizza the best.  A week later we visited again and Moon gave up her “Al Capone” seat to me to bond with her sons and finalize pizza ordering. We ordered two different pizzas: I got my zucchini one and she and her sons ordered the “Bianco Formaggio”. Mine was of course delicious, but I was curious about theirs and asked to try a slice. Oh my, it was FANTASTIC as well!  So now I have two most DELICIOUS pizzas to choose from and my mind gets to thinking, “If we combine the best of both, it would be PERFECT!”  So after dinner, and once it quieted down a bit (the place was packed, as it well should be because the food is AWESOME), I tried to convince RM that my idea would be the PERFECT combo and make for the BEST PIZZA EVER.  He didn’t see my vision (that night) and hauled pizza sauce off to some area in the back and I never saw him again that particular evening.  But I didn’t give up. . .

You see, I LOVE pizza, so I thought about this most awesome possible delicious recipe that could be compiled by RM all week long. As super luck would have it, I canceled plans with Moon on Wednesday to work overtime and rescheduled even better plans for Thursday!  There was a public meeting at the library (which is a block from Sylvia’s Brick Oven) regarding route changes at the bus company I work for. Moon was completely interested in the route changes (because she makes perfect sense and LOVES her job at our bus company as well).  So we decided to attend the meeting and give most valuable input (and also get most awesome hat-wearing approval for me for the winter from the big boss) and then walked across the street to begin our much anticipated post-meeting meal!

Moon and I finally walk in and wait to be told where to sit.  In the mean time, we see RM and HP and they laugh. So, HP asks if we would like to sit in the dining room or the bar.  We hesitated briefly, then chose the bar.  So HP is now our waitress. PERFECT! Love her!  Hi HP!  🙂  Okay, so I had brought a bag of 28 Reese’s hearts to the meeting and had leftovers for Sylvia’s.  HP is the first to receive one and is completely pleased and takes our drink order.  That completed, it is now time to order food.  Well let’s talk about how that went!

Of course, I have been thinking about the PERFECT PIZZA all week long and how RM can totally make it for me, if he would just DO IT!  Here’s what happened:  HP took FOUR Reese’s hearts to him and pleaded my case.  He decided to make my pizza the way I wanted it made.  Guess what?  He made me the most PERFECT PIZZA ever!  Thank you RM!  Moon agreed with my evaluation and we were both completely pleased!  Seriously folks, this is my standard for perfection of a pizza.  And I have tons of experience regarding this matter.  Okay, so I now have the best pizza ever and RM, you better keep making it for me! But do you want to hear the best part? Of course you do!

Here is the best part:  After RM agreed to make my pizza the way I wanted it made, the Reese’s hearts handing-out process began.  Everyone in the bar and lobby got Reese’s hearts and LOVED them!  The highlight?  This most wonderful woman dressed in glamorous green neckwear (that she bought from the West Lafayette (WL) Payless that matched her most colorful shirt-purchase from the WL Goodwill!) and her completely fun attitude about such matters as thriftiness, glorious beauty, affordability, the FUN of Reese’s, most excellent food, and her fabulous husband!

Folks, please visit this place if you have a BEAUTIFUL attitude about life.  The employees, owners, and patrons are all WONDERFUL people and the food is DELICIOUS!


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