I LOVE my dog Lindsey Lou!

Okay, wow. It has been a super busy day and I am going to do a most awesome blog entry regarding my dog, just as soon as I get done with two shout-outs!  First: Happy Birthday Uncle Creepy Worms!  (Yesterday, but I hope you got my messages!) Second: Thank You BTP for helping me out of my bus pickle the other day at Third and Jischke.  Folks, here is what happened: I was driving a bendy-bus doing the Silver Loop and stayed FAR away from the curb (because I knew it was a solid sheet of ice), but nonetheless, the back end of said bendy-bus slid into the curb and I was stuck.  BTP was doing Gold Loop and coming the opposite direction and parked at the intersection, radioed the driver behind him and acquired salt, came over to my most precarious position and salted around all of my tires so that I could actually get unstuck!  THANK YOU BTP!  (Can’t wait for our talk, btw!)  Anyway, on to my most precious dog Lindsey Lou!  🙂

Where to start this story. . . Okay, I lived in Peoria, IL for 4 years (a most backward thinking town and state, btw. Really? A “flush tax” for every time you flush the toilet! No wonder people flee.)  Anyway, some good things came out of living there, one of which is one of my best friends Sidekick.  I met her at this backwards place we both worked at and at the time she had one too many dogs.  His name was Austin and he was a completely awesome German Shepherd that I loved very much and he loved me too!

Prior to working at this backwards place, I delivered pizzas for Papa John’s in Peoria (a great way to LEARN a new town, btw!) and received a phone call from one of the managers that was a golfing buddy of mine.  I no longer worked at the pizza place, but she knew I had a dog and a house and a fenced-in yard. One of her drivers had taken a pizza delivery and came back with a three-month old puppy.  Well, long story short, he lived in an apartment and couldn’t have pets, so she called me.  My friend Mac just happened to be visiting and advised me against seeing the puppy and subsequently taking it. She now regrets her initial thoughts as she realizes I made the best choice EVER!

So Mac and I went to the pizza place and met the puppy. I immediately LOVED her, but I was still being cautious and stated to my friend and the delivery driver that I would give the puppy two days on a trial basis, and if things didn’t work out, I would bring her back.  Here’s what happened when I took her home to meet Austin:  Mac and I walked in and I put Lindsey Lou down on the carpet and she saw Austin and immediately got on her back and exposed her belly. He sniffed, they touched noses, she got up, and they both took off out the back door to play.  Yep! Totally keeping this dog!  🙂

This is getting long, so I will fill in some blanks and then call it a day.  She got her name from a “Sunny D” commercial where the mother’s name was Mrs. Lindsey. I liked it and thought it suited her. Her middle name “Lou” came naturally and has made for most awesome rhymes. I have a song that I sing to her, but I will keep that part between us, but rhymes involved are tennis shoe, kangaroo, poopy doo, kinkajou, and buckaroo!  She loves it when I sing to her!  She also learned sitting for treats after exactly ONE time, that first day.  She appreciates food and treats and knows EXACTLY how to get it!  I LOVE her!  🙂

Anyway, I saw her running and playing in the snow this morning and having such a good time that I just wanted to write about her.  She is AWESOME and will be 13 in April.  I am just completely grateful that she is in such good health for her age.  I hope she is one of those miracle dogs that lives forever in great health.  She has given me the most pleasure and comfort that anyone can ask for. Love you Lindsey Lou, you are the BEST DOG EVER!

Anyone that would like to be Facebook friends with her, just search Lindsey Lou.  She has more info about herself on there and hopefully her administrator will check her page more frequently.  Enjoy your day everyone, I am off to watch Lindsey chase squirrels!


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