I Learned Coffee!

Before I get started on this most fun blog topic, I want to let you all know that the Bald Eagles are back!  MY eagle was around a bit yesterday, but today decided to let me enjoy it (and snuggling with its mate once) ALL day today!  This year they seem to be congregating around the Governor Leslie Memorial Bridge rather than the Harrison Bridge by Williamsburg Apartments.  (And yes, I drive over this particular bridge constantly and never memorized the name. I know the Harrison Bridge and the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge, but I don’t know who Governor Leslie is/was and also, this bridge was formerly referred to as the Main Street Bridge, so that is what I always want to call it.)  Anyway, coming from West Lafayette and going over this bridge, when you are on the down-slope by Sgt. Preston’s, look to your right after the railroad bridge and look in that most fantastically huge tree and you will most likely see MY eagle proud and perching. Folks, this bird is an AWESOME sight and stays there mostly all day long for a month or so.  Enjoy this beauty while you can!  This is one of the reasons I LOVE my job!  🙂

Okay, so let me get to what I want to discuss!  Last week ‘R and I were discussing sleep disorders and possible causes. (I told you we talk about anything!)  Anyway, to make this quick, we decided it was possible that I was somewhat immune to caffeine from Diet Coke and/or my sleepiness was from this other detoxification thing I was doing regarding smoking and probiotics.  Long story short: I am completely sick of drinking Diet Coke and thought perhaps coffee might be a better substitute for caffeine.  So, I decided I would try coffee. . .

Here is what happened: That discussion between ‘R and me happened Thursday night and Friday morning I got called for overtime to do the Ross-Ade route in the morning before my scheduled 6A/6B shift.  Okay, I have coffee on my mind as my new savior and stop at Ross-Ade parking lot and head into the store there.  They used to have a cafe, but don’t any longer, but what I found while inquiring about coffee was a most funny expensive-clothing sales gal that said when I walked in the door, “Hey! It’s the Reese’s bus driver!  You gave me Reese’s the other day.”  So we had a most HILARIOUS clothes and bows experience (and were glad there were no cameras involved) and I went back to my bus and got her 4 Reese’s and took them back in to her. Total FAIL on coffee, but total FUN otherwise.

Okay, so morning overtime route is done and I have to go to the bank.  I grab some Reese’s and head in.  As I am explaining that they are now my primary bank because they are NICE, one banker states that they serve coffee and cookies.  I immediately pass out Reese’s hearts to all involved and ask to be taught how to make coffee. I am 43 and have never had coffee, why should I know how to make it? My Banker was completely NICE teaching me how to do it and later I asked the difference between pink and white packets. (sweeteners) Pink is fake, white is real.

Okay, this next part is just for fun before I get to the good stuff.  At this point, I had one cup of coffee in my life and wanted another. I was doing the 6B route which has a Wal-Mart and a Subway. I went in to pee and then hit the Subway to ask if they made coffee.  Why yes, they do!  What kind would I like?  My response: “I have no idea. It is my first day of coffee.”  The gal’s response was perfect: “How about French Vanilla?” I said that sounded great! I LOVE vanilla. It was delicious and that was my staple for two days.  Okay, on to the good part where I learn REAL coffee!

So I get done on Saturday and learn that I have 1-9 Trolley on Monday.  Worst-case scenario for me. It got “better” with two more hours added to the front end of it.  The cool thing?  Prior to starting the day driving, I explained to co-workers that I was a newbie coffee drinker and our PREMIER EXPERT OF COFFEE DRINKING (BTP) happened to be there and told me how 1016 had the best coffee in town!  Total score since it is half a block from where we can actually park and take a break!

Here’s what happened: I went in and had no idea how to order coffee.  I explained that I was “learning coffee” and was immediately embraced!  One customer said, “Oh, I wish I was just learning coffee, it would be like hearing the Beatles for the first time again.”  I explained what I liked and 1016P made me a most delicious Vanilla Latte that only lasted 15 minutes and cost $3.50.  Well, that was NOT going to work. Lovely, but entirely too pricey.  So I go back in and they are most receptive and I state that I need something that lasts longer and costs less.  My new friend 1016A creates the PERFECT coffee concoction for me that only costs a $1! (It would be more for other folks, but we get a discount)

Later, I came in for a refill and met the owner.  My friends 1016P and 1016A were there and being friendly.  I told 1016 (the owner) that I was “learning” coffee and he laughed and said he was glad to hear that!  It was completely fun! And shout-out to 1016C, you were completely helpful too!

Okay, all of that being said, I really don’t want to hear about any past controversy regarding this business.  I am probably the BEST example of saying things that I don’t necessarily mean and then retracting them. Check my blog! And ask Bang!  My experience has been completely great with both the owner and all employees. The deal that happened a couple of months ago, yeah, maybe it could’ve been handled a bit better, but look at what came of it. Issues were discussed and a much better solution came out at the end.  Folks, sometimes things happen for a reason. Remember that.  Thank you 1016, I now have my PERFECT coffee! (and it only took 4 days! Awesome!)


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