WHY I LOVE Lafayette, Indiana

Okay folks, I had planned on covering several topics today, but one particular shout-out became so long that it will be my exclusive topic for today!  I LOVE Lafayette, IN and the people that live here!

Friday, we had yet another horrible weather day here in Lafayette, IN and yes, I was driving the bus.  Here is what happened: It started snowing rapidly and I was doing the 6A route.  That route involves a hill off of the major roads and I had to stop to pick up people.  Stopping was not the problem, rather getting up the hill after stopping was a MAJOR problem.  I could not get going again after stopping.  Vehicles were lined up behind me and they all eventually struggled around me.  As luck would have it, one of those vehicles had an Animal Control Officer driving and after getting past me and to the top of the hill, he parked and walked back to my bus to offer help.

This most AWESOME Animal Control Officer, helped me in every way possible. (I am sorry I did not get your name. I should have.)  Anyway, it was obvious after numerous attempts of backing up and trying to get traction, that hill-climbing was impossible.  Luckily, Mr. Awesome Animal Control Officer had already called the city road crew over his radio and they showed up within minutes. (like within 3 minutes)  Most AWESOME City Road Crew guy then proceeded to sand the entire hill around my stuck bus, and then most AWESOME Lafayette Police Department Officer showed up and helped me back all the way down the hill to where there was traction (thanks to awesome city road crew guy) and then I was able to FINALLY get up the hill and deliver my passengers (mostly high-school students) to their destinations.  While climbing the sand-laden hill, Animal Control guy and City Road Crew guy were also performing traffic-control so that my bus could FINALLY get up the hill and turn!  THANK YOU to all three of you most AWESOME men!  🙂

Folks, this is WHY I love Lafayette. Most awesome Animal Control guy could have struggled past my stuck bus and continued on. He did NOT do that. Instead, he stopped to help.  He also got on the radio and asked for more help.  In the mean time, he and I devised a strategy of how the salting/sanding process would work best once the City Road Crew guy got there.  Once Road Crew guy got there, the plan was relayed and implemented. Mr. Police Officer shows up and helps with further backing-up and traffic control.  I had three different departments all working together to help me.  It was most AMAZING and completely GRATIFYING for both me and my full bus.  THANK YOU three again and I am sorry that I did not get your names.

Mayor Tony, you have a great crew working for you!  Please make sure they are duly recognized!  🙂


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