We ARE Purdue

First and foremost, my heartfelt condolences go out to the family of yesterday’s shooting victim Andrew Boldt.  What a horrible day on the Purdue campus.  My thoughts and prayers also go out to the family of Cody Cousins, as I am sure they are nearly as distraught and asking all of the same questions as everyone else.  An extremely painful and frightening day all around.

Second, thanks and accolades need to go out to all of the law enforcement officers and first responders to prevent this from becoming something much more tragic.  I was driving the students around on the bus and I listened to their conversations. They were appreciative of the quick response and felt a lot more at ease given the circumstances. The text messages seemed to be effective with the students. So, nice delivery of the danger involved and kudos to all involved in the quick response and apprehension of the suspect.

Today was much more of a “WHY” day.  I suppose the reality set in a little more and students were more aware of their own fate/destiny/lives.  I was struck by awe this morning when my dear friend posted a picture from the candlelight vigil.  I could not believe how many people were there so shortly after the event. The mall enclosed by Hovde Hall and all of the engineering buildings was packed and lit up with candles.  Thousands were there just hours after this tragedy. This folks defines WHY “We ARE Purdue”.

For anyone not from around here or not familiar with Lafayette/West Lafayette/Purdue University, you are truly missing a great thing.  This area has the most caring, brightest, bravest, honest, hard-working, resilient, and giving people of any place I have ever been or lived.  And it exudes daily, not just in the event of a tragedy.  You see acts of love and beauty every day around here through kindness and compassion towards our fellow man.

The above reasons are why this community is strong to the core. On behalf of my fellow co-workers and the community at large, I would like to say this: This is why “We Are ALL Purdue”.  Peace and Love and THANK YOU ALL for your strength.  We will endure.  We ARE Purdue.


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