I LOVE Hats (One in Particular!)

Today was well, shall we say, today. Much like the Trolley, one must treasure the small moments and treat them like gold.  I FINALLY got to see ‘R and get two much longed-for hugs! He received his usual four Reese’s hearts and was quite pleased as well! (It took forever though, as his head was still in the clouds and he forgot he bid for different work this semester.) Anyway, (insert suck-ass snowy driving day) it culminated with ‘Y cleaning off my car and shoveling my driveway and walk before I got off work and us hanging out for a couple of hours!  Thanks ‘Y!

So let’s revisit better days. . . For those of you that don’t know, for this semester, I chose to cover work for people that are sick or on vacation (or otherwise absent) and therefore, my work changes weekly and sometimes daily.  Poet’s unfortunate need for surgery led to my fortune cookie of a deal doing his Ross-Ade route for three days!  Thanks Poet! (and also for the treasure chest you personally delivered today)  🙂

Anyway, it was cold this week and I like to have fun with different topics. Since I was doing a campus loop, I couldn’t help but notice the impeccable choices of winter gear donned by Purdue students.  As my friends know, I have a particular fondness for hats, so my winter gear focus quickly went to head-wear and I was looking at everyone’s hats.  Here is what happened: In three days, I saw many hats I liked and very few that I LOVED.  I was telling students this as they boarded. “Hey, I like your hat.” or “Like the color of your hat.” But every once in awhile, I would get excited and say, “Dude! I LOVE your hat!”  Let’s fast-forward to day three of driving the Ross-Ade route. . .

I pull up to Beering and there is a most awesome hat on a person once again!  I point at him and open the door and say with excitement, “Dude! I LOVE your hat!”  And he says to me, “You say that to me every time I get on the bus!” (with a most charming smile, btw!) And I said, “I do? Well, that is how much I LOVE the hat! I didn’t even know it was the same person wearing it every time!”  Here is what I did: I focused so much on the damn hat that I missed the most awesome person wearing it.  I am sorry Captain.  And I know I did it a lot before he pointed it out to me.  Fortunately, once he said that, I focused on him and actually saw the most awesome dude wearing the most awesome hat and we had FUN with it the rest of the day!

Here is how the rest of the day went with Captain Hat:  I picked him up four more times and every time I pointed and exclaimed, “There’s my hat!” and also expressed to everyone within earshot how much I LOVED it!  After dropping him off the last time, I did one more trip and only had 6 or 7 people left and told them about Captain Hat and our funny day. THEN, I was driving up Ross-Ade hill and lo and behold, who is walking uphill with his buddies? Yep!  And I exclaimed excitedly, “There’s my hat!” to everyone in the bus. Plus, Captain and crew were looking right at me and laughing. The remaining few on the bus knew Captain and laughed also, and told me he was completely funny!  I was glad I picked the exact right person to joke with!  Hey Captain, your friends speak highly of you and completely love your sense of humor!

So Poet, when you get back to your route the week after next, (I don’t have it next week) you should be able to be yourself and, by comparison, they will find you completely normal!  Glad I could help you Poet!  Captain and crew, you are going to love Poet when he gets on that route.  He is funny as hell!  And he actually might know who some of you are since he has TV and loves Purdue sports.  I enjoy Purdue sports too, I just don’t watch any on TV, so I don’t know who any of you are by looks. Tim Newton doesn’t describe what you look like!  But Captain, I know who you are now, and you are a most AWESOME person! Thanks for the FUN this week! (And think about the green Santa hat trade. . .)  🙂


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