Bang it, I am SORRY!

Okay folks, it has been a most EXPLORATORY day today!  It started with me finding out what I was going to do for the day. I have chosen work (we pick our work by seniority for each Purdue session) where I pick weekly, and this week I picked Monday and Sunday off and “Opens” for the other 5 days. What “Open” means is that I do not know what route I am doing until the day before.  Tomorrow, I scored an early straight Ross-Ade! Awesome!  I LOVE campus loops!  But TODAY, I scored outbound 4B/Inbound 1B.  Why was this a score? Because I had two most awesome possibilities with this route.  My favorite Guatemalan friend Apostrophe O, aka ‘O, lives on the 4B route and my favorite professor EVER lives on the the 1B route. Hi G-7!

So here is what happened: On my first trip, I did my outbound 4B and did not pick up ‘O at Copper Beech, got to Wal-Mart and became inbound 1B and held out hope that I would pick up G-7.  Guess what?  I got to his stop and guess who was there to prepare for his first day of classes? (he only does Tuesday and Thursday classes, just like me. It makes more sense to go twice for longer, than three times for shorter. I also liked night classes where it was once a week for even longer.)  Anyway, my hope was realized and we exchanged hugs and kisses! I have graduated to kissing on the mouth (with only two friends so far), btw, I used to always turn my cheek, but now I get it!)  🙂  And for those of you at work, Mikey and I did today too!  Because I get the LOVE aspect of it now, so who cares?

Okay, so we discussed his class starting today: Time and room number because I will totally “audit” (that means sitting, learning, and enjoying for free) it this semester, and former students that I had wondered about.  Our trip was brief, since he gets off to get coffee at Stadium and Northwestern, but we ALWAYS get a lot said in those few short minutes.  He is both fun and efficient and loving as well!  Love you G-7! Anyway, I asked if he would like a Reese’s heart, and of course he said YES, so I gave him one and an extra for his friend Bren, that I met last week during a 10-100 (bathroom break) at Beering.  Hi Bren!  🙂  And thanks for the lovely-colored post-it! I had not seen that color before!  (I have two most other awesome people I met today while giving away Reese’s hearts, but I will save them for later! One of them has the same name as my dog! And I told her that!  We had fun!)

Let me get to what I really want to talk about: A public apology to Bang and an explanation.  Bang, I know you are super-irritated at this point, but please let me explain. (The segue came during the route regarding another matter, but because I already talked about MY day TOO much already, I will get to the point.)  I did not take the TIME to properly write my “Letter to the Editor” and instead wasted both of our respective times by then also needing a retraction, while simultaneously being UNCLEAR about how I wanted that done. That resulted in more retractions and fixes and questions and emails with explanations.  I am sorry you had to experience the irony of my value of efficiency vs. my impatience.  With that being said, here is my apology to you Bang:

Bang, I am sorry that I wasted your time with my mistake. I should have thought about what I wrote before I submitted it and saved us both a lot of much treasured time.

Conclusion: We all say things that we don’t mean out of frustration or confusion or whatever. Sometimes, it is better to just say nothing and think about it.  In my case, I added one little sentence of commentary, that I did not mean, because I was frustrated and wanted the issue done, and ended up wasting a bunch of other peoples’ time, as well as my own.  I should have slept on it, but didn’t. Think before you act.  It has been a hard week and a lesson well-learned. Goodnight all, and once again, sorry Bang.


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