Above all things there must be LOVE

Okay folks, just a forewarning, this will most likely be quite long, but I STRONGLY advise you take the TIME to read it now, not later.  It might make a huge difference in your day today.  I am going to start with my favorite song.  Or rather, my favorite songs.  You see, it occurred to me this morning that I actually have three favorite songs. Threesomes applied to the LOVE of music.  Get it?  Okay, another thing that occurred to me was that up until yesterday and about 10 minutes ago (two different occasions there) I did not know the titles of two of my three favorite songs.  WHY? Because two of three are on copies of cds that friends gave me and the titles never mattered, just the beauty. The other one I actually bought, so it tells me on the cover.  Here are my three favorite songs and I strongly advise you Google them and listen to them.  You will NOT be disappointed. The three: Vonda Shepard “Hotel Room View”, Beth Orton “Sweetest Decline”, and Brandi Carlile “Late Morning Lullaby”.  My names would have been “Love”, “So, anyway”, and “Beautiful”, but they wrote them, so they get to choose. The relevance of this will be apparent later.

Anyway, let me explain how yesterday went for me.  It started off horribly and rapidly declined and got much, much worse.  Later, after a day of agonizing pain (in many respects), things started turning around and my night ended nicely with my “Beautiful” bounce back, a meal, and some much needed rest.  Let me explain the entire day for much needed context:  We had a huge snowstorm here and the temps were well below zero.  We were ordered to stay off the roads and inside so that no one would die.  I refused to risk my LIFE over my job that I LOVE and called in.  Plus, I couldn’t even get in my car to find out if it would even start.  Turns out that several of my friends have different priorities and they chose to go to work.  WHY?  Mainly because they LOVE our job too and are LOYAL.  I think I will start a new paragraph to continue. . .

Okay, so some of my friends are at work, others of us are not because of different priorities or other obligations.  I was at home and opened my email only to find that Bang at J & C, told me I had to shorten my Letter to the Editor even more.  He completely took the FUN out of the task, but frankly, it needed to be done.  Newspapers are not my forum for fun, this blog is and I told him that and just did what he asked even though it was painstaking.  (Plus, I got one little piece of fun in with my email to him with my final draft.)  And Bang, you better print it because I have wasted a ton of time on this stupid fucking HJR-6 thing.  So after I completed boring down the Letter to the Editor, I decided I would take a nap.  Not!  I suddenly had the most painful nerve thing happen in regards to one of my teeth. Apparently, this is why people get root canals. It was so bad that it made my left eye cry for me.  So, I had four extremely painful bouts regarding this and had to quite literally walk off the pain.  Scaled, those would be tens, with ten being the worst possible pain ever.  Not quite though, because during my fourth bout, ‘Z texts me and tells me his mother has passed away. Now the pain is much worse and both eyes are crying. (‘Z, I thought this would be okay since it is already on Facebook.  Also, I LOVE your new profile pic. You show your LOVE very well.)

Anyway, I will let you imagine how the next few hours went.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depends on how you look at it, I had obligations that needed attended to.  The main one being getting my car door opened to see if my car would even start (it did), and get myself unburied so I could go to work today.  Got that task accomplished and made it to the store (after the driving ban was lifted) and bought some much needed Orajel. (bought two, btw, one for my work bag and one for home.) That pretty well summarizes the worst part of my day. Now let’s get to where it starts getting better.

In the midst of all of the prior stuff, ‘R texts me and asks if I can dog-sit for him and Ram while they are out of town at their son’s most awesome ceremony.  I of course say yes, and he says he’ll drop off the key later.  So after completing the shoveling process (I only did part of it prior to going to the store) and doing the dishes, my obligations were complete so I decided to get on the computer. As LUCK would have it, Eyes posts something on my Facebook page regarding grammar nerds.  Nice, I needed to smile. Right after this, ‘R and Ram show up and we exchange much needed hugs and the key and on their way out ask if I am doing better to which I reply, “Yes, I am getting there.  One of my friends just posted something for me that involved both grammar and math! So yes, I am getting back on track.”  Back to Facebook and the process gets completed with a post by ‘Y that he tagged me in that started with a video and a word (wordsmith) and ended with a meaning: LOVE.  Here is what happened:  Eyes made me smile, then ‘R and Ram gave me comfort and smiles, then ‘Y and Poet made me laugh and defined to me: How Lisa got her groove back. Just like calculus:acceleration. If you would like to see HOW this process worked, check ‘Y’s page. (it is the video with the blind man sitting on the street) At the end of that process, I said THANK YOU and later, and turned on “Sweet Morning Lullaby” and suddenly got my “Beautiful” bounce back.

Here is my point: ALL of us were EXACTLY where we needed to be yesterday to MAXIMIZE our LOVE for each other.  How is that for BEAUTIFUL?  ‘Z, I am going to speak for everyone here.  We all know how much you LOVE your mother and always remember that she helped make you the most AWESOME person that you are.  Our hearts go out to you, Storm, and Shoog.  If you need ANYTHING, we will be there for you our friend.

Okay folks, I may not have time to proof this, so please forgive any mistakes, but I must get ready for work early because I need to let Bitsy and Kowvin out on my way to work.  Hoping Purdue is open today so that I can freeze on Inner Loop and hopefully see my new friend Blue. (I picked your name) Later all, and I will see you when I see you. . .


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