Dear Mr. W.L. Mayor (aka John) Retraction and Edit Now Included

Good morning folks!  I hope everyone is well-rested and ready to shovel!  Supposedly we are getting a bunch of snow today, but I also thought it was supposed be cold (from what I heard) and it is most definitely not.  Anyway, whatever happens, enjoy yourself with it. Perhaps we can all build silly snowpeople? That would be super fun!  So yesterday I had the most wonderful all-around day including two major events.  First was my amazing experience at Studio 714, which you can read about if you hit the back arrow at the bottom of the screen, and the second was a rally of sorts at Sylvia’s Brick Oven regarding this gay marriage amendment deal that is wasting everyone’s TIME. (Since I just mentioned time, let me just tell you that you can totally have my blog entries sent to your email if you choose.  Some don’t use email, so this tip won’t save them any time, but for those of you that do, just click on the “Follow” button and enter your email address and click enter. Done.)  Okay, so back to Sylvia’s, Moon and I went there (bra-less, btw.  Moon’s most awesome idea that I totally appreciated!) totally expecting to eat.  That did not happen because they were not open for food.  I did not know this because I have never been there, even though I have wanted to try it for a long time.  What is most excellent about us starving until the event was over, is the fact that they opened their doors for the event without any intention of making a profit.  Nice! I will certainly go when they are open, however, and give them my business and try their food, which I have heard is wonderful.

Okay, so let me explain how the rest of this story will go.  I will summarize the event and tell you about my chat with West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis, then copy and paste our email exchange later in the day, then I will explain my faulty logic in one of the emails, and then I will tell you WHY this whole issue is a complete waste of everyone’s fucking time.  We will begin now with the actual event.  EDIT HERE: My neighbor came over and pointed out to me that she had no idea what I was referring to. WHY? Because I never explained what HJR-6 (Now HJR-3, you’ll see that gem later in my retraction) is and she has been living in Minnesota and was unaware of this proposed amendment.  She couldn’t believe it when I told her either.  HJR-3, formerly known as HJR-6, is a proposed amendment to the Indiana State Constitution to define marriage as only between one man and one woman.

To summarize the event, we all began by writing letters to our politicians that will be voting on this matter.  This was to show them numbers and also explain WHY they should vote against this most ignorant proposal.  My letter basically stated that I didn’t feel like telling them why yesterday, but that I would do so today.  Which is what I am doing now.  I also thanked Sheila Klinker for being a most awesome 6th grade English teacher and that I learned A LOT from her.  Since I was already writing a letter to her, I figured I might as well put that in as well, instead of writing two letters.  Next came a series of people that spoke about their experiences and stating WHY they believed this matter should not even be an issue.  Which it should not.  So, Mayor John went first and explained his experience regarding discrimination and his former job.  He does not believe in discrimination and that is WHY he supports this cause.  While the people were speaking, I was taking notes.  While Mayor John was speaking, I made this note: “He makes PERFECT sense to me!” and showed Moon.  She agreed.  The rest of the people spoke and then the event was officially over.  I grabbed my notes and walked over to Mayor John, introduced myself (I think), and explained my notes both regarding him and also what my other notes referred to.  My notes are posted on Facebook if anyone would like to see them.  If I am not Facebook friends with you, just send me a friend request and I will gladly accept.  I also told Mayor John that Mayor Tony had been in my blog (one of my notes referenced my blog) and that he would be next.  We briefly discussed how efficiently the issue with Mayor Tony was resolved and then we said goodbye and I went over to chat with a former professor of mine.  Then Moon and I left and went directly to Pizza Hut because we were starving.  Yes, I know I had Pizza King the night before, but I LOVE pizza.

So after eating and Moon leaving, I sat down and wrote an email to Mayor John.  I will now copy and paste our entire exchange and then after I will explain my faulty logic from my second email to him.  Okay here they are:

Hey John!
It was great meeting you today and Happy Birthday!  I am the CityBus driver that talked to you after the Sylvia’s thing and showed you my notes taken during the event.  (I will be posting my notes on Facebook, btw, but wanted to email you first.)  I really appreciated what you said and that is WHY I wrote to my table-partner that you made PERFECT sense to me.  So THANK YOU!  It is especially nice to hear from a Republican and I do not understand why certain conservatives have their stance.  It makes no sense to me.  I get the ones that don’t believe in it because of their religion (even though that makes no sense either), but I don’t understand the rest.  I am doing my part through writing and making people think.  I guess I had better hurry at this point!  (I pay virtually zero attention to news because I am talking larger issues about kindness, humanity, peace, etc.  Shit like that.  So the details elude me.) Luckily, I attended this today and committed to writing something to my political people.  I did not write anything specific there at the the event, but I stated that I most certainly would tomorrow and that the letter from the event was to show my “numbers” support.  Okay, moving on. . .
I stated to you that I had previously resolved an issue with Mayor Tony by emailing him directly and stating my problem nicely.  I also stated that he was in my blog and that you should look forward to the same.  I am going to attach the links to my blog posts regarding Mayor Tony, so that you have an idea of how I work.  Sound good?  Okay, the first one is my initial blog entry that includes the entire letter I sent him initially and also his response and forwards of delegation. (His response was within 10 minutes!) And the second link is a follow-up the day it was fixed.  Enjoy!  And Thank You for your support.  😀
Lisa Judge

His Response:

Hey Lisa!
You are a great communicator, I love the way you write. You nailed it, doing the right thing is just the right thing to do. Keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything I can do. And thanks for the way cool birthday wishes.

Sent from my iPhone

My TWO responses:

Hey John!

Thanks for that!  And I certainly hope the rest of your Birthday is still being filled with fun as well!  🙂

I have decided two things since I last emailed you. The first is that I will NOT be mailing anyone other than my Mayors (both sides of the river because they both affect me) regarding issues.  I believe in small and localized government anyway.  I am not in any way opposed to you forwarding my thoughts, however, since I am a constituent of a much larger place!  🙂

The second, since I already stated it on Facebook, is that tomorrow YOU will be my topic.  Mayor Tony had his day, now you will get yours and for a most awesome cause.  I stated in my hand-written letter today at the function that I do things in my own way and I would tell them EXACTLY how I feel tomorrow. (I had a big day of writing today on other topics, so I just told them the truth)  I always go for the big picture and tomorrow you will be included in that vision.

Cheers my friend!

And then:

Hi John!

Sorry to bother you again, but I have changed my mind regarding the first part of my last email.  I WILL be mailing my other local politicians because they are the ones that will be voting on the matter and there is no reason YOU should have to forward it when I can do it directly.  Sorry, my thinking was flawed on that matter, but I got some sleep and I now realize my error.  Enjoy your day!


Okay, that concludes our email exchange from yesterday/this morning.  Here is WHY my logic was faulty.  It is not Mayor John’s responsibility to forward my thoughts to those in another branch of government.  Although, I am sure he would have done so, because he is an honorable man and supports the cause, that is not the point.  The point is, it is MY responsibility to make sure my voice is heard, not his.  That is why I will be sending this to both Ron Alting and Sheila Klinker (those are my two people), as soon as I finish this.  Then that will be done and I will get on with the rest of my day off.

Now I will explain why this whole thing is a waste of everyone’s fucking TIME.  Because I must start somewhere I will begin with those that oppose gay marriage based on religious views. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they choose, but I am going to give you MY view on the matter.  You do not have to agree, and frankly I could care less if you do, but at least you will know where I stand.  I am not a religious person (at least in the conventional sense of the term) and I have been quite clear about that in a prior blog entry if you would like to read about that as well.  Okay here is my question:  What religion wants to deny people pursuit of LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS?  There may be one out there that I am unaware of, but like I have stated most clearly in my post regarding religion, I am most ignorant about the subject. And before you mention procreation, just drop it. Gay people have kids too, so your point is invalid.  Next, other conservatives: see the above question to the “religious” folks.  Is that not the ENTIRE foundation of your belief system?  Folks, look at your own very CORE values and see for yourself if you think this is right. You are getting shit jumbled up because you are focusing on the wrong thing, be it politics, religion, or whatever.  Look at YOURSELF and figure out what YOU believe is right.  If you believe squashing my most very basic civil rights because of your beliefs, then fine.  I just don’t want you around me.  Go on with your own life and leave me the hell out of it. Okay, I hope that was crystal fucking clear.  I will be moving on now.


This blog entry ended up being condensed and used as a letter to the editor. It was published online last Thursday. After thinking about it a little more I realized a major mistake I made and sent a retraction to Bang.  Since I wanted it retracted there, I must in good conscience also do it here, since this was the original source. Here is the retraction:

I must retract one sentence of commentary that I did not mean. The sentence was: “I just don’t want you around me. Go on with your own life and leave me the hell out of it. I am completely good with that.” Why? Because I did not mean that. It was said because I was frustrated. Why was I frustrated? Because I value efficiency and time. And this issue is a waste of both. Why did I not mean it? Because I LOVE outliers and people that think differently than me. I would be bored to death if everyone agreed with me. For me, that would be hell. I need to think. That is how I define myself.

Here is my point: I wasted my own time retracting my statement because I did not stop to think before I said it. And I value time and efficiency, so this is totally funny to me. IRONY. Lesson learned, once again. Yes, I continue to learn. Hang on. . .

Really? Yep! Just got a phone call and during the course of my chat I learned a new kernel of information. HJR-6 has had a name-change! It is now HJR-3! Amend this! (as I will not be doing it!) And you can put your new amendment you know nowhere! Irony? You better believe it! Love it! HA! Enjoy your day as this is hilarious to me!

Folks that concludes my stance on the matter and I will be discussing it no more after today.  If anyone asks me about it, they will be referred here.  WHY? Because I hate repeating myself!  My concluding thought about this is that we could be spending our time actually helping people in their pursuit of LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS, instead of wasting time trying to squash it. I am done now. Well almost. . .

After sending a few emails regarding this matter, I will be filling my bird feeders.  Why? A) Because I LOVE birds and B) Their food source is currently being covered by snow.  Folks, remember that a lot of birds eat bugs during warm weather, so let’s try to keep as many birds alive so that we can enjoy our outside time with less chemicals and more BEAUTY.  Happy snowpeople-building folks and try to find the FUN in this most wonderfully white snow.  Catch you all later!


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