Hairdo at Studio 714

Okay folks this has ALREADY been the most awesome day and it is not even Noon yet!  I have laughed my ass off with friends over Facebook and had the most wonderfully gratifying experience at my most favorite hair salon.  So here is what this story will be about: In my very first post of this blog I explained how me and my best friend ‘R kept finding the most unusual intersections in this ginormous world.  A HUGE one happened today and it is most fantastic and makes me super HAPPY!

So several months ago I asked ‘R where he went to get his hair cut.  I don’t remember his answer, but I could tell he was not completely satisfied.  So I suggested my most awesome hairdresser 714 (she is the owner).  Unfortunately (I thought), she was booked and he had to go with one of her back-ups.  I did not know this because we have many other topics we discuss and hair never came up again.  But I did notice when he got his hair cut, and asked him if he took my suggestion and if he went to 714.  Yes and no.  He went to the place, but because 714 was booked, he instead got his hair cut by 714B.  And he LOVED her.  Okay, all was good and everyone was happy.  Well, except for me.  You see, I REALLY wanted ‘R to get his hair cut by 714, not 714B.  Why?  Because I wanted him to get to know 714 because she is smart, funny, efficient, and most excellent.

Okay, so ‘R and Ram came over for a brief, but most pleasurable Pizza King eating experience last night, and 714 came up.  ‘R really liked her, but felt like he wasn’t getting to know her.  His main comment was, “Well hell, you can’t even talk to her when you are trying to make an appointment if it takes over 3 minutes.”  I explained to him that she is most efficient and that she doesn’t want appointment-making to take that long because she is also trying to cut someone else’s hair.  I could see him “get it”, but the words, “but still. . .” came out of his mouth.  Okay, I totally got it.  He wanted to get to know her, but she didn’t have the time. (Because she is busy running a business and trying to cut hair so that people can get on with their day.)  So I explained to him, the time to talk to her is when she is ACTUALLY cutting your hair.  Problem is, he likes 714B and also can’t get in with 714.

So today I go to get my hair cut finally! (It is very hard to get in around the holidays, especially with my schedule) I walk in and 714 is sitting with another stylist and I directly ask the other stylist her name.  She replies that she is 714J.  I reply, “Not who I am looking for, where is 714B?” She was not there. Damn!  I wanted to meet ‘R’s hairdresser!  714 and I proceed to enter her styling room and I tell her I have two things I want to discuss with her, the first being ‘R.  She agrees and asks me what I want to discuss.  I explained all of that from above regarding ‘R and him wanting to get to know her.  She then explains how she totally talked to him and thinks he’s great and that 714B LOVES him.  So she agrees to make a point to set aside a few minutes when 714B is cutting his hair and talk to him.  Perfect!  Not quite yet folks! This story gets even MORE perfect!  You are NOT going to believe this, but it is totally true!

So 714 starts telling me 714B’s background and how she has recently moved back and is still building her client base because she had moved out of town and then came back because her family is here and then she mentioned her last name.  I said, “714B is 714BK! Are you fucking kidding me!?! That was my most favorite hairdresser and we both moved away and when I came back she wasn’t here and that is how I found you!  I LOVED her!”  You see folks, I have only LOVED two hairdressers in my entire life.  And I have always paid more than other places charge to have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience of getting a hairdo. (love that word and had to get it in!)  I will not be switching back to 714B because 714 knows what to do without me telling her and I like consistency, but I would totally let 714B do my hair if 714 was on vacation! (actually, I might intentionally schedule one that way for old time’s sake)

Here is my point:  I was disappointed because ‘R couldn’t get an appointment with 714, but I had NO idea that the person he DID get was of equal quality and my only other favorite hairdresser 714B!  We both scored!  Now he also gets to experience my past!  And he also gets to experience my present! (And I get to experience his!)  How is that for a BEAUTY salon!

That essentially concludes the intersection aspect, but I would also like to add a sideburn to this story: 714J is completely awesome too.  I was telling 714 and 714J  how I learned something new at Payless yesterday regarding whether or not you have to sign when you use a credit card.  714J said, “Yeah, when it is under $50 you don’t have to sign.  Over and you do.”  She already knew this! Awesome!  Then she proceeded to explain how at Sam’s Club when you write a check, they just scan it, withdraw the money and hand it back to you!  I totally did not know that, but it makes perfect sense.  Now you have paid and have both your receipt and check for your banking records without the bank having to send you anything. (See, even the stylists that haven’t personally cut my hair make sense at this place!) Yes folks, Sam’s Club and Studio 714 both make PERFECT sense to me.  Apply today!  🙂


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