Freedom for Boobies!

Okay folks, first and foremost Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a most joyous New Year’s Eve.  I most certainly did and I will recap that most fun and exciting experience.  But first I would like to get this PSA out of the way.  Those of you in the Lafayette, IN area, please give yourself plenty of time to get to work today.  I just shoveled and there is already about 3 inches out there.  It is light and fluffy and easy to shovel, but nonetheless, it still took me about an hour.  And, Poet, I know you were excited to drive the actual Trolley today, now that you understand the significance of the bell, but in this particular instance I hope you get a bus.  The Trolley sucks in snow.  Also, it was great chatting with you and I can’t wait for your assistance in the retro beer can department regarding our unfinished beer castle!

Wow. Where to start. Lots of people in this one because I had two days off and had a lot of fun. Let’s start with Jon (he wants his real name used because that is what everyone calls him and he likes being in stories). Jon is a bus passenger I met while doing Ready to Go (that is a bus route) one evening and we had a great conversation with Cord between the Mall and Payless on 231.  It concluded with us all getting to know each other (and now Jon and Cord are friends. They did not know each prior to this most wonderful trip) and me giving them my blog address.  I have only seen Jon a couple times since then, but the other day he rode my bus and now we are able to keep in touch on Facebook.  Hi Jon!  🙂

Okay, let’s get to my first attempt at a party.  I had lots of help in this matter and thank you all for your assistance. I did however, kind of screw up the whole invitation process, as Poet and Wag can attest, but I will do better next time.  So mom came over to help me clean, or rather, she cleaned and I did other stuff like fold laundry, run to the store to specifically buy retro beer cans for our beer castle that is yet to be finished, and get the cooler ready.  At the same time, Prez (my most efficient and wonderful handyman) was here installing my new garbage disposal.  That went fairly well, if you don’t include his frustration over a leak, but I gave him a couple of Reese’s cups and that was a total game changer.  So we all three had a great time while getting shit done and I also declared that that day was going to a bra-free day for me.  My own personal protest against bras and yes, I went to the grocery store, bank, Moon’s house, and also hosted a party without ever wearing a bra. It was wonderfully freeing!  Mom about died when I told Prez that, but he just laughed.  He has a wife (Suzette), so he certainly understands bras and boobies. (that was for you ‘Z) Anyway, we all had fun and they finished their tasks, I got some magnets from Prez to give to my friends and also invited him and Suzette to my party later.  Then I went to Moon’s house.

To refresh everyone’s memory Moon is a most awesome cook of Italian food and she was teaching me how to make lasagna.  I mainly just wanted to see the compilation process and I did.  So now I know how to make lasagna.  One particularly wonderful added bonus was that I hadn’t eaten and she had made eggplant parmesan for lunch and had some left and offered it to me.  I gladly accepted, it was yummy, and then I did her dishes while she cooked meatballs and noodles.  So, task completed and I headed home with one tray of lasagna and she started the second tray.  Once home, I finished the cooler placement and recycling set-up and wrote a really funny note on post-its for the bathroom mirror regarding the proper disposal of tampons at my house and where tampons were located should any woman unexpectedly need one.  (Mom made me put them away, so I had to explain where they were, you know?)  Also, Moon had brought over these things called Whizzys (Google that, totally hilarious) that allow women to pee while standing up, so that was also included on the note and Whizzy supply was placed on the back of the toilet if anyone wanted to try.  (I have yet to try, but I most certainly will!  You should see the packaging and instructions for use. Completely hilarious. Maybe I will post pics on Facebook.)

Okay, so actual party.  The attendees (the ones I actually remembered to invite) were: ‘R, Ram, ‘Z, Storm (‘Z’s most awesome wife), and Moon. And bra-less me.  Highlights of the evening include ‘R giving me my small Christmas present (big one later when we can arrange our schedules) which is a sun-glasses cleaning kit.  ‘Z giving me Supertramp Greatest Hits to replace my copy that a former girlfriend in Illinois sold at a garage sale while I was at work.  After I specifically told her not to sell my cds. Yep, sold all of them for $50.  And yep, still pissed about it. Moving on now. . . Letting Ram and Storm feel my boobies (again for you ‘Z) for experiment’s sake. (we all have boobies, what’s the big deal?) One minor snafu that will be resolved today over my split (Inner Loop, btw. Total score any day, but especially on a snowy, shitty one) was that my toilet was filling extremely slowly.  So ‘R and I went to examine this problem and just as I was stating that I would have to get Prez back over to fix it, guess who shows up? Yep, Prez and Suzette! They had finished their once a year meal at Hourtime and stopped by on their way home.  Awesome, got the toilet repair scheduled for today and had a good time with these two fine additions to the party. My first time meeting Suzette and she was wonderful. She and ‘Z had a nice discussion regarding someone they had in common and Prez and I chatted about the furnace filter and my protest against bras.  Simultaneously, while we four were in the kitchen, the other four were in the living room watching Key and Peele on YouTube.  I refuse to pay for cable for my television set, but I still have plenty of options because it is a smart tv.  So we four finally join the others and we all laugh our asses off at Key and Peele.  Prez and Suzette then leave because he had a gun shooting contest of some sort the next day and the rest of us continued our laughter.

Well this is quite long, so let me sum up.  We all had a great time, the lasagna was delicious and I now realize that my crew values food more than beer.  We all ate and got full so not much actual beer-drinking happened. Hence, the unfinished beer castle. (But we are saving the retro beer cans for future construction)  We all made it to Midnight and everyone left and made it home safely.  And no one was drunk, because we didn’t really drink that much.  Happy New Year everyone and now I must get ready for my most awesome day of Inner Loop.  Everyone be safe in these most shitty conditions and I will see ya when I see ya!

(Sparkle Kitty, you will have to be in a different one. This got long, but totally want to talk about our discussion with ‘Y regarding charity. Sound good? Okay.)


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