Dear Mr. Mayor (aka Tony). . . What? You Responded Already! Awesome!

Okay, first and foremost, I need to give two shout-outs: The first to Mikey for that most awesome brownie and also my daily hug!  The second to ‘R for his most astute suggestion to me earlier. Task completed and I feel much better. Thanks ‘R!  😛

So, after doing the Market Square route for nearly a week now, I have finally had enough of the wrongly painted line at 9th and Union that is causing all of us heartache.  I know many of you have called in about this situation and it is still a big problem.  So here’s what I decided to do: Write an email to the Mayor. Perhaps that will finally resolve the issue.  I have written the Mayor one previous time and got unexpected positive results out of the situation (will explain that later) and so I decided to try that approach again.  (Last time I was just praising good service, this time it is a complaint. So we’ll see what happens.)

Here is my letter I just sent the Mayor.  His name is Tony, for those of you that don’t know.  Holy shit!  Just went to copy and paste it and he has already responded! Just sent it 10 minutes ago and he sent me all of the forwards that he sent to the appropriate people! Awesome!  I will copy those later! Ha! Perhaps the direct approach is what is needed!

“Hi Tony!

I hope you are having a great day!  I have one small issue that can be easily resolved and save people (including me) tons of time, unnecessary energy, and repeated frustration.  I am sure you like suggestions that improve the mood of the community, so let me explain the situation.

Recently, Union Street was repaved and a most excellent job was done by the construction workers to keep traffic flowing and the result is fantastic! (I also like how the lanes were changed heading east at 9th and Union, will probably eliminate a lot of accidents.)  Anyway, there is one seemingly “minor” mistake that is causing a ton of problems: The stop line on 9th St. at the Union St. intersection. (In front of the Armory Apartments)  That would be the big, thick white line that tells drivers where to stop at the intersection.  It is painted wrong.  Let me explain. . .

Someone apparently made an executive decision to NOT follow the templates that were already in place for where the stop lines should go. (They are still there if you would like to drive by and see what I am talking about.)  Instead, the final line was painted straight across both the straight and turn lanes, as opposed to being staggered for the turn lane.  Here’s the problem:  I drive a bus.  It is impossible to make the turn from Union on to 9th St. if there is a car in the turn lane that is all the way up to the line.

Because of this, one of two things happen (and this goes for all bus drivers, not just me):  I either sit at the green light on Union and wait for it to turn red, so that the turn lane on 9th can clear out for my next green light. (At this point, I also hope the turn lane clears out, or else I am stuck for yet another whole cycle of red light/green light.)  OR, I go ahead and attempt to make my turn and wait for the car/cars to back up to where the line “should” be.  The problem arises when more than one car is in the turn lane.  Now it takes a convoy of cooperation for everyone to back up, just so I can turn the corner.  All of this because of one line painted wrong, and it is not the motorists’ fault.  I don’t blame them one bit!  That’s where the line is telling them to stop.

But here is the impact on the community:  Countless people are left waiting in the bitter cold for their bus to make one, seemingly simple turn.  Countless people on the bus are delayed to getting to work and appointments. Countless drivers are late because they are: stuck behind the bus sitting at a green light, stuck behind the bus because it can’t turn, stuck at the intersection because 5 different drivers have to coordinate backing up so the bus can make the turn. I could go on about that, but I won’t.

Here’s the effect of the impact:  People get frustrated.  Now, because of one line being painted wrong, people are late for work (both bus passengers and other drivers) and they go to work in a crappy mood and hate buses as well.  Further down the line, I have to pick up human popsicles that are none too happy and then quite possibly be late downtown and then they also miss their transfers.  All because of one line and one executive decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,

Lisa Judge

(Btw, two things: This will be my blog topic today (don’t worry, I am nice) and also the car part stores will probably be mad when you fix this. They have sold a TON of reverse lights lately.)   :-)”

Well hell, since he has responded already, let’s take a look at that!

His response to me:

“Hi Lisa thank you for bringing this to my attention I have not received any other complaints on this intersection so I was not aware that there was a problem. I cannot drive by tonight as I am getting ready to leave for Indianapolis but I have copied the appropriate people that are aware of the project and we’re part of the project. We will look into it and get back with you.thank you



After being forwarded to 5 other people, here was one person delegating to another:


I believe the complaint is related to the stop bar on the southbound left turn.  Could you please check this out?



Awesome! Thank You Mr. Mayor Tony!  Right there is why I split my ticket folks!  (plus, no Libertarians run for Mayor) But anyway, I have always loved our Mayors, they have all done a great job.  I am just truly shocked at this most rapid response! People, all of this happened within 10 minutes!

I am not even going to bother with explaining my other email to the mayor (from two years ago).  I will do that in a future blog entry!  Great story there as well, and most awesomely funny.  Today, I will just be happy that my voice was heard (and extremely quickly) and continue on with my most joyous evening!

Cheers to you Tony!  And THANK YOU!


2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Mayor (aka Tony). . . What? You Responded Already! Awesome!

  1. Darrelyn says:

    Good job Lisa; I agree with your approach – go straight to the top! You explained that situation very clearly. I’m often on Union heading east, but rarely on 9th heading south, and have not noticed that situation. I’ve got a feeling it will soon be rectified. Hats off to Mayor Tony – WOW! Not only did he see, and actually read, your email so quickly, but took the next step in passing it to appropriate people on the spot! Just one of many reasons Lafayette is a great place to live.


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