Cluelessness Exemplified (by me)

Okay. I was totally wanting to explain my feral cat experience to you all, but it got trumped by my own idiocy!  So, of course, I have to explain that!


Here’s how this morning went:  I did my usual pre-work ritual and went out to start my car and realized it was snowing, again. Lovely.  I knew the roads would be horrible and it would be a tough day of driving the bus.  So I get into work and see that I have a trainee today.  Perfect.  The worst possible day to train someone. (Hey, it is imperative to concentrate on driving in these most worst conditions.)  So I explained to the trainee that I would drive the first few hours and then she would take over when the roads got better.  So I am down like 15-20 minutes because of the conditions and kept on motoring.  After hour number two, I am essentially caught up.  Everyone else was late as well, so relatively speaking, I am caught up.  I decided that this would be a great time to eat my banana before this most torturous 4B route I had ahead of me.


So I grab my empty Diet Coke bottle and my banana and walk towards the center of our bus station (CBC – CityBus Center).  Why? Because I needed to stretch my legs, eat my banana, and I hate filling up my own bus trash can when I can put my empty bottle and banana peel in a big one, as opposed to emptying my small bus trash can later.  Okay, banana-eating complete, trash in the proper container, and ready to pull off.  Then two more buses pull in and I wait. I got like 9 or 10 people, so all was good.  I was already late, so why not wait and get people where they are going?


I finally leave 9 minutes late with between 30 and 40 people and get to campus and drop off most of them.  As I get later in my route, I only have three people left.  Here’s the funny part.  My trainee is not one of them!  I stopped and checked all of my interior mirrors, then rubber-necked myself to make sure I wasn’t missing anyone. Nope. Trainee not on the bus.  Who loses a trainee???  Yep.  This girl does!  I laughed my ass off at the hilarity of the situation!  Who is that clueless?  Yep! That would be me!


So here is what happened:  I got off the bus to eat my banana and the trainee got off behind me to go potty.  Unfortunately, I never saw her get off and she never told me to wait, so I left after getting my passengers.  (my bus was full, I just assumed she was on there!)  I don’t even know that management knows about this, (well maybe now), but she was a good sport (when I got back an hour and 20 minutes later) and said, “You left me!”.  I said, “Well, I didn’t know you were gone.  Tell me next time!”


Here’s my point:  People have different things on their mind. Don’t expect them to think of the obvious (or what you perceive as the obvious. Much like “common sense”).  Today, I was thinking about getting people safely to where they needed to be.  My last thought was the location of a trainee.  Hell, I was just trying to drive safely and keep us all alive.  State the obvious.  Sometimes it is needed!






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