World Peace: Redefined

First and foremost, if you are in the Lafayette, IN area, don’t go out driving today unless you need to.  It is slick as hell and the road crews haven’t caught up yet. The sun helped there for a minute, but is currently hiding. If you must drive, like I had to, then take it slow. My bus driver friends have been texting me how bad it sucks and the fewer cars out there, the less likelihood of accidents. Sidewalks and parking lots suck too. PSA concluded.

Okay, fun day today. Forewarning everyone that this will probably be long, so if you don’t have time now, just make a note to come back and read it.  I think you will like it.  This morning while shampooing my carpets, I discovered the solution to world peace.  I doubt it will ever be fully implemented however, because people are too busy arguing, defending themselves, attacking others, etc., instead of speaking truthfully to each other and listening to what others are trying to say.  Nevertheless, I am going to explain it and provide examples to illustrate what I mean.  Hence, the possible lengthiness of it.  I will start with how this thought process began.

After a wonderful day yesterday of accomplishing stuff while hanging with Moon, and then later talking to another friend for three hours about something very personal to him, I was exhausted. The whole day was great, I just felt really bad for my friend. I have been there.  So, once done with our conversation, I crashed. And I slept hard and good.  Woke up completely refreshed and grabbed some diet coke and my smokes and headed to my office for some light Facebook reading.  Ha! Had a little of that, then ran across a post from Reg (an old friend from high-school/early college that I haven’t seen in years) and it said, “stop and think about this for a moment”.  If I knew how to link the thing I would, but not stopping to figure that out right now, so let me summarize what her post was about.  It said if you make fifty grand a year, here’s where your tax dollars go. Briefly, a lot to Defense, Medicare, and a ton to Corporate Subsidies, while a relatively low amount going to social services compared to the other three.

The point of the post I believe was to demonize corporations, but I looked at it differently. Hey, she told me to think about it, so I did.  I am going to copy and paste my responses from her page so you can see my thought process. There are brief time-lapses because I am also doing laundry and vacuuming while processing. . .

First response:

“Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it. My life is worth that much a year (actually more, so that seems like a great deal to me). The ones in the middle aren’t horrible, the medicare seems high, mainly because I don’t use it yet, and the latter is okay with me because people have jobs and that keeps all the others down. Just my perspective. Thought I’d throw it out there.”

Second response: (less than 5 minutes later)

“I guess I should add, ideally they should all be zero except for the top two, but that is not where we are. There is totally room for improvement though. We are way off currently.”

Third response: (about 20-30 minutes later. I was vacuuming and thinking.)

“Upon further review, ideally they should all be zero. Thanks for jump-starting my brain this morning.  :-)”

Awesome. Game on. Something completely fascinating to ponder while doing chores.  Okay, so why would the numbers for all ideally be zero? Because everyone would have work and no one would need anything from anyone else. Everyone would put in their fair share of effort depending upon their wants and needs. Basically, societal self-sufficiency and everyone is happy.

So here’s where I started. I went back to my comment about Corporate Subsidies which was this: “the latter is okay with me because people have jobs and that keeps all the others down.” (meaning the amount paid by each person because more people are working and therefore, two things happen. More people are contributing and less are taking away.)  I know you can’t see the original post, so I’ll explain. The “latter” refers to the huge amount of corporate subsidies (c.s.) in comparison to all of the other categories. (in the post, and I don’t know if it’s even true to begin with, it said, c.s. gets roughly $4000, defense gets next highest at $248, and Medicare gets $236.  All of the other social programs get less than $50.)  Yeah, totally saw the inefficiency in typing all of that out. I will learn how to post links and pics. Sorry for that.

Okay, so this brings me to why aren’t people working. If everyone was working, there would be fewer problems.  “But there aren’t any jobs out there.”  I am going to be as nice as I can about this.  Look around and think for awhile.  There are tons of things that need done, and furthermore tons of people that don’t want to personally do them and would gladly pay someone else to do it for them.  Let’s take me for the first example. Do I know how to change the oil in my car? Yes, actually I do. I had someone teach me. Would I ever want to do it? No. Why? I’ll hit the high points: it is dirty and messy and there is a lot of clean-up involved including responsibly disposing of the oil.  Would I pay someone else do this chore? Absofuckinglutely.

See folks, it turns out that there are people out there that like to do this. I just don’t happen to be one of them. I like driving.  It gives me time to enjoy all the things I love while also earning a living.  I get to make money while enjoying beauty through seeing nature, playing with numbers and words, thinking, and interacting. (there are WAY more, but you get the point)  All of this while exchanging my time for a service provided to others for which I get compensated with a salary which pays for everything else I enjoy. Total score. Win/Win. I am taken care of and so is my employer because I love my job and do my best to keep it. Simple.  I will give you two more examples, mainly because I want to give them a shout out for being such close friends, but also because they are prime examples of loving what you do and how it makes a difference.

My friend Miller worked in building maintenance for like 15 years.  She finally got fed up and walked out one day.  Why? Because she was doing the majority of the work with little appreciation and was taking her frustrations out on other people and also stressing herself out. What did she do? She started her own business doing odd jobs and such. She is awesome at painting, drywall, fences, and other things. I think she prefers the first two, but likes fences if she has help digging the holes and holding shit.  Anyway, she is much happier now and she can pick and choose what she wants to do.

Miller’s partner Lite, loves doing laundry. Works out great she runs a dry-cleaning business that is soon to be her own.  Laundry happens to be one my favorite chores as well, because I can do other stuff while the machines are doing their thing.  But Lite loves it!  She is also practical and efficient. She goes in on Sundays (the only day they are closed) for an hour or two, to get prepared for Monday. Why? So everything goes quicker on Monday for everyone and she can get home earlier herself and have fun.

Here is my point with these examples.  Those of you without jobs and those of you that hate the jobs you currently have, you know yourself the best.  What is it that you like to do and what are you good at?  I always had a problem with this question because the things I love are so broad because I am a “whole-picture” type of person. So my loves are beauty, order, fun, efficiency, etc.  Doesn’t really fit a book for a job suggestion.  All of the career books I read and tests I took trying to find the perfect match for me didn’t work.  Why?  Because those are standards and generalities and each individual is different.  I’ll just give you two suggestions that always have popped up for me when I have done the career tests: accountant and lawyer.  Lovely, I am fascinated with both subjects, but want neither as a career. Why? First of all, I hate to dress up and that is expected with those professions. (I think standards of what you wear is inane, btw) Second, I don’t want to do math all day. It takes the fun out of Sam’s Club and every other thing I like to do with numbers. I would burn out quickly.  Lawyer? I love standing up for someone’s rights, I get that part. But a lot laws are unnecessary and it is a lot of unnecessary paperwork and research. Basically, the whole system is completely inefficient.

My point on my last point, (crap, I have been sucked into the bureaucratic vortex) is that each person needs to look at themselves and truly define what they value most.  Figure that out and work forward.  If you hate your job, then figure something else out and then quit. Not only will it open a job for someone who likes that work, it will probably make you and everyone else that you have contact with happier.  Okay, it should go fairly quickly from here on out.  Just like calculus, acceleration. . .

Since this will never happen, let’s look at it hypothetically.  If every person in the world defined their true values and did work that they found meaningful and fun, (assuming they didn’t find murder, robbing, etc. fun) then we would have a world full of happy people.  Happy people don’t kill each other. Happy people don’t rob each other because they already have what they value. Happy people don’t get jealous of what others have, they are already content with their own personal things (possessions, thoughts, jobs, beliefs, values, whatever).  I could go on about a myriad of other things like health, crime, savings from publicly funded things, but I won’t.  For time’s sake.

How having a world of happy people would impact us today:  First of all, there will always be outliers, those that don’t fit the mold.  We need these people for all of us to evolve and grow.  Give us something different to think about. Someone disgruntled in this “hypothetical happy world” probably has a valid point that needs to be listened to.  Everyone is so “happy” that they don’t see how something is terribly wrong.  Outliers rock!

Okay folks, something very interesting happened when I was writing the last paragraph. I changed it for one and it now has a completely different point.  My original thought was that if 99% of the people were happy we could squash the other 1%.  WRONG!  This happened after I said the “outliers” part. And I just stopped and looked at what I had written.  It did not sit well at all with me.  It took like five minutes of examining what I just had written to realize that by saying the 99% would/could squash the outliers, I realized we would/could eliminate all of the free-thinkers and inventors.  (That is, until a new one is born. But they would have to be closeted and deceptive in order to survive and get their thoughts out, if they ever chose to.)  That, my friends, is a most scary spot.  Eliminate calculus and be stuck in algebra forever?  For non-math people, it would mean that nothing ever changes and everything is static.  How fucking boring would that be?  Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the dude thought he went to heaven, because everything was perfect, and then he realized he was in hell.

Other thoughts while writing this: I felt like I was the main character in “The Truman Show”. Don’t exactly remember the movie, just the idea. Only saw it once.  And also makes me realize why “Atlas Shrugged” is my favorite book. (minus the John Galt speech which is completely redundant. Ayn, you just explained it in the first 900 pages, no need to summarize. I know she died, but just wanted to tell her I love her anyway!  :-))  And also, ‘Z, does that express what you were trying to say to ‘Y in his excrutiatingly long plagiarism of whatever he was referring to?  I hope so ‘Z, because ‘Y has a lot of original thoughts that need to be voiced. (Hey, ‘Y, that means stop quoting shit and tell us what you mean!  🙂 )

Alright, that is most certainly enough for today.  Got some other cool shit to do on this most awesome day off. And yes, I turned down overtime today because today I had other things to do that I valued more.  Carpet cleaning and this world peace blog for two examples.  Enjoy your day folks!


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