contumacious (adj) stubbornly or willfully disobedient

So a couple of Sundays ago I had to work. Upon arriving, my buddy Wag (that is his name for this blog) approached me before I ever got inside and told me to go set my car radio to 101.3, so that when I got off work I wouldn’t miss the last hour of APOBA (Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America).  Yeah, we totally have the same sense of humor. So I immediately did so.  Turns out we had a tornado that day and the radio station was out when we got off work. So no APOBA for either of us, but the relevance of this will be apparent later.

Fast forward to Friday.  I run across a post on Facebook from one of my lesbian friends in Texas. The post is an article completely bashing Obama. Now this created quite a shit-storm on her page and there were like 35-40 comments. The whole thing was completely entertaining and it culminated with both her and her partner posting EXACTLY what their views were. Good for them!  My only comment was basically, “Great read! Learned a new word!”  You see, this Obama bashing article was expertly written and had a ton of big words in it.  One of which I had never seen nor heard before: contumacious.  So I grabbed my trusty dictionary that my friend Bugs (I am sure she’ll make it in here at some point) got me quite a few years ago for my birthday and looked it up.


contumacious (adj) stubbornly or willfully disobedient

So the next day is Saturday and I had to work. When leaving work, I didn’t like what was on the radio, so I decided to see what fascinating programming was happening on Wag’s channel he suggested to me.  I knew it wouldn’t be APOBA, because that is on Sundays, but I stumbled upon something even better!  It was some sort of banjo variety show similar to Hee Haw.  I was immediately enthralled! So they begin a new skit regarding the banjo players and in enters an Englishman who is a horse meat dealer.  Well, this doesn’t go well with the banjo players because they consider their horses part of their family, not food.  So bantering happens back and forth and then the Englishman says, “I do believe you are being contumacious!” To which the banjo player replies, “Yes, I believe you are right.”

Two things happened at this point: First, I laughed and said out loud to myself in my car, “No the fuck I did NOT just hear that word on this crazy-ass banjo show!” and second, the word was firmly etched in my brain.  Never seen, nor heard it until the day before, now I had both seen and heard it on consecutive days! Wow. Coincidence?  I think not!

So it took several days before I saw Wag again and could relay this amazing chain of events.  He immediately understood the significance of it and began spreading the gospel!

Here’s my point: You never know what impact you are going to have on others and there is always a lesson to be learned in any situation. In this instance, two completely unrelated events (the article written/my friend posting it and Wag suggesting this radio station) ended up intersecting in unusual ways.  Now, because that guy wrote that Obama bashing article, we have two lesbians in Texas that came out of their “conservative” closets and a slew of fun-loving, good-hearted bus drivers in Lafayette,  IN trying to use “contumacious” in any applicable sense!  Pretty funny when you think about it. . .


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