Let’s Go Unexpectedly Biblical!

You know, I wasn’t for sure if I was actually going to write anything for the blog today.  It was much more of a contemplative/questioning type of day and I like conclusions.  Conclusions in the normal meaning of the word, did not happen today.  Instead, a lot of questions were raised.  But I think that might have some value as well.

I will preface this with the fact that I believe myself to be “religiously ignorant”.  By that, I mean that I know very little about religions: what they practice, why people follow, how they get involved, terminology, the content of the bible itself, and generally, every basic fact about religion.  Yet, it is a topic that fascinates me and I want to know more about every aspect.  I tried to read the bible, but got frustrated at Genesis.  I am not sure if I had a bad translation or what.  I wanted to take “The Bible as Literature” at Purdue, just so I would be forced to read it, but it never fit my schedule in three years.  Political Science courses trumped Eastern and Western Religion courses every semester.  So, I still don’t have the “history” of any of this in my knowledge base.

Yet, what is quite apparent to me is that I have a lot of religious friends and family members that do great things for the community and are genuine, loving people.  So what is the problem?  If I have all of these religious people around me, why do I not know anything about religion? Well, frankly, probably because of me.  I know for a fact that my Grandma has tried to inform me and has tried every effort known.  And she’s a genius!  But unless I am listening, I won’t hear anything.  Give me facts, figures, charts, and graphs and I am golden!  Talk about spirituality and I am lost.  Why?  Probably because there are no charts and graphs for that.

So last night, my friend ‘Y posts something on Facebook regarding religion. He is a Catholic and taking courses to become something bigger in the Catholic church. (like I said, I am ignorant on such matters)  Anyway, three of us get into this discussion and ‘Y posts this thing from a Pope from 1891 that is actually quite fascinating. (basically the church’s stance on economics/industry vs. personal rights vs. personal responsibility) There are 64 paragraphs and I stopped at 9, so I may be able to summarize a bit better later when I actually read it all.  Here’s my point. It opened the door of discussion.

This morning, we all had to basically work at the same time and got to discussing religion from last night’s Facebook post.  And it was great!  Now granted, I asked most of the questions, but I wanted honest answers. And I got them.  These friends are great.  Seriously.  Then, at the end of the day, someone who wasn’t “officially” involved, but heard the initial discussion regarding religion, commented that we all handled ourselves well and listened to each other.  She was surprised about that and proud of us for not getting mad discussing it.

She made a good point and that is part of my problem.  I am not wanting to be told what to do or preached to.  I have my questions.  May I please ask them and let them be answered without any commentary?  And I have a lot of “Whys?” in there, but don’t mistake my question and answer session as a platform to try to influence me to believe as you do.

This one is a big deal with no charts and graphs.  I am just happy that I have wonderful friends that just told me what I wanted to know.  And I firmly believe there was no judgement in either direction. I know there was none from my side, and I never “felt” any from anyone else either.  Truly, it has been the most eye-opening religious conversation in my life.  So, thank you pals.  You know who you are.


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