Black Friday/Red-letter Day

Today has really been a fun-filled day.  While having my morning Diet Coke, I ran across an article posted on Facebook from yet another one of my best friends.  For the purposes of this blog, he will be referred to as “apostrophe Y” or ‘Y.  For background purposes, ‘Y is a super huge liberal and a true MASTER at spotting irony!  I love him to death and he is funny as hell!  I guess I should also add that I am more of a libertarian type of gal.  I am not particularly fond of labels in these matters or any other matters, mainly because I see them as a sliding scale type deal and people shouldn’t be branded anyway.  (Hey! “super huge liberal” did you catch that irony? Yeah, whoops.  See, I even do it myself!)

So ‘Y posts this article about the Buttery Shelf discontinuing feeding the hungry on Thursdays because of pressure from a neighboring business owner who says that these “people” are hurting his business and scaring away customers.  Okay, awesome. Just the morning read I needed to jump-start my brain for the day.  Thus began an hour-long texting discussion between me and ‘Y about the irony of the situation.  Mostly, ‘Y had all of the good points, I was just merely an agreer! (is that a word? If not, it should be.)

Anyway, ‘Y pointed out how absolutely hilarious it was that a Tea Party-type person (I don’t know this owner’s political affiliation, but apparently others do, just not me, so I am qualifying it) would want to shut down a private charity that has no government involvement. Isn’t that what the goal is?  Get this charity stuff out of the hands of government?  Totally valid point.  So it progressed to bantering back and forth between ideology and “not in my backyard though”.  We both had points on that one.  And furthermore, we actually agreed with each other!  That never happens!

So, my question was:  Is this why the Trolley stop was eliminated at 10th and Main?  Hmm.  (Well, I have thought that for a month without knowing any of all this from the article)  But who knows. . .

Anyway, the rest of my day was fantastic as well.  I had a few minor mishaps trying to navigate paying medical bills, activating my FSA/HRA debit card, and having billing mistakes. Plus, the only 800 number I called was closed for the holidays.  So, I tabled that shit quite literally and moved on to the Christmas Tree.  All went well, tested each strand of lights individually beforehand, then once done, one strand was out. Going to leave it for irony!

‘R and I got some intentional reverse consumerism in today on Black Friday.  He helped me take shit back to Menard’s and get a refund. And of course we didn’t buy anything. We never went past the return desk.  Our own personal protest to take back our own money!  Had a nice quid pro quo in the process.  Refreshing for both of us there.

And let me not forget poor ‘Z, who got completely hosed by not getting an actual Trolley today. (plus, he is the only one of us 4 that actually had to work! sorry pal)  Well, without the Trolley communication bell to play with today, ‘Z had plenty of time to ponder life’s most serious matters.  So I’ll leave you all with his ponderance (don’t know if that’s a word either, but it should be) of the day:  If you are late to a Noon Optimist’s club meeting, are you really late if you are truly an optimist?


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