I am Truly Blessed!

Wow! I had such a fun day today at my Aunt and Uncle’s house!  I honestly believe I am a part of one of the funniest families out there!  Six hours of pure entertainment and we didn’t even play any games this year! I got a ton of hilarious pics (none of which I can share on here because they are all concerned about privacy issues), but nonetheless, just track me down and I’ll show them to you!

Just a little context here: My entire family is Republican. I am sitting here and I cannot think of one Democrat out of the whole lot. Not even the ones in California!  With that being said, surprisingly, politics never came up.  But we had some great fun with guns and swords.  I got an awesome pic of my step-dad and uncle in their rendition of “a man bringing a knife to a gun fight”, only this version was “a man bringing a sword to a lever-action shotgun fight”.  Apparently, a lever-action shotgun is something rare, because when my uncle showed my step-dad and step-uncle the gun they were enamored. Thus began a vigorous google search by many to try and figure out who made this and how much it was worth. They never found it, so I can’t give you any conclusions there.

Other highlights include getting a ton of information about men loving to piss outside.  (Yeah, my blog came up and they suggested this as a future topic.) So look forward to that one!  Fascinating info I gathered today!  And my uncle proclaimed that he was the “Manliest Pussy” around and admitted that he sprays his dog “Large” with sugar-cookie scent.  This dog is 113 pounds!  Hilarious!  Ah, good times. . .

All that aside, it was also a time to reflect on the things I am thankful about. I am thankful for so many things that there are too many to list. So I’ll just tell you the main thing I am thankful for and that is for having the most loving, intelligent, friendly, hard-working, generous, and seriously funny group of friends and family that anyone could ask for.  It is truly a blessing to me and I love you all!  (my dog Lindsey Lou is included in there, minus the hard-working part and the cats are in there minus the hard-working and generous parts)  I hope everyone else is as lucky as I am and I hope you all also had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Good night and for those of you of you crazy enough to be shopping today or tomorrow, please keep your rage in check and also let the damn buses out of the mall parking lot! (I have the day off, but those people are my friends, so be nice to them!)


One thought on “I am Truly Blessed!

  1. Heather S. says:

    LOL, yes, boys of all ages love to pee outside. I have a hard time keeping Carson from whipping it out in our front yard when he has to go. When I tell him to go pee BEHIND the big tree on the side of the house, he pees on the front side – every time.


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