I Finally Get It!

I believe one thing leads to another, to another, to another, etc. to infinity. Therefore, I am very much a “So, anyway” type of gal. If you are looking for a short story, well you are probably in the wrong place.  Just fair warning!

Which leads to the problem: Hmm, where to begin. . . So let me start with a friend, who for purposes of this blog will be referred to as “apostrophe R” aka ‘R. So ‘R and  I talk about a lot of different things.  We by no means talk about everything, who has the time, but we certainly can and do talk about ANYTHING. Sometimes discussions are brief and some continue for days, but we keep running into the fact that they keep intersecting in, often times, unusual ways. I am going to tell you about a couple of discussions from the past week that ended up intersecting and me having my own revelation in the process.

Earlier this week before work I was reading an article in the paper about Purdue changing their Women’s Studies program name to something much longer and more “inclusive”. (sorry, I don’t remember the new name and I am not going to look it up) In that article was a term that struck me, as well, odd. Apparently, LGBTQ sexual behavior is now referred to as “non-normative sexuality”. So, I texted ‘R with that term and stated that I didn’t see how this was helping the cause. I quickly narrowed down what I disliked about it. Basically, both the connotation and denotation of it! To me it says, “abnormal” or “weird”.  Neither of which are very inclusive.  Seriously, adding “non” to anything makes it negative.

Fast-forward to later in the week.  I was watching YouTube and came across a video of Ash Beckham discussing the usage of the word “gay”. (I will try to figure out how to link that on here later) So let me preface this by saying that I am completely guilty of using “gay” in the non-politically correct sense of the word. And I never really had a problem hearing it or using it myself, until now.  Ash finally explained WHY it was wrong by telling me in logical terms I could understand, as opposed to being angry about it and just telling me I shouldn’t do it because it is wrong.  You see, she used my own argument from my earlier discussion with ‘R to point out that when “gay” is used to describe something other than truly gay or happy things, that it always has a negative connotation. And she is right.  Furthermore, she is correct when she states it is laziness. Intellectual laziness, for not taking the time to choose a word that actually says what you mean. So basically, any time I have used “gay” in the wrong sense, I have been a lazy negative Nellie! Point taken and thank you Ash for finally explaining it to me in terms I understand!  Total fucking duh, but yes, I get it now!

Ultimately, I suppose my point here is that if your message isn’t getting through, perhaps you are using the wrong approach with your intended audience.  People don’t like to merely be told they and their beliefs are wrong, but give them facts and rationale without anger and perhaps they will discover in the privacy of their own brains that they are indeed wrong.  That is true progress.

Okay, so that’s some of the kind of stuff I will be writing about.  Like I said, it’s really anything I am thinking about, that just happens to be from the last few days, so guess what? That was the winning topic! And sorry to all the gays for my ignorance regarding the negative connotation of “gay” when not used properly. I GET IT NOW! (And I have already taken cover in preparedness for the barrage of “About times” and “Duhs” headed in my direction)  Too bad that tornado happened before I started this blog, my bus evacuation story would have been a fun one for here. Oh well, it’s already on Facebook, so check there for that story!


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